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The Radion advert is also filmed using moving photography and also a film sketch. The advert tries to express what the product does i. e. cleans clothes perfectly, so a play is acted out, the shirt gets dirty and then Radion comes to the rescue and cleans it again and it is suddenly and magically clean, dried and ironed in about 2 seconds.

I couldn't say precisely why the family has chosen to express what the product does in this why but if it was produced slightly better and the smoothness of it was improved then the advert would have probably had more of an impact on the potential buyers. The advert is in colour but unlike the Sunday times advert the colours are very sharp and in your face which creates a disturbing and busy atmosphere making the person watching the advert almost a little tense whereas in the Sunday times advert the lighting helps to set the mood and creates a much more relaxed atmosphere.

The Sunday times advert is produced with great manor and very professionally, the camera is used effectively, there is a backing theme sound and the shots are edited together in a smooth sequence. We can tell that it was filmed with a lot of care and that a lot of effort was put into make it look right and to make it look professional.

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There are no random cuttings and the editing sequence is nice and smooth, the camera shots which are used are often varied, for example we can see close up, long shot and high angle shots which often dives the viewer an idea of what is to be taken more seriously and what isn't, for example a close up shot will be emphasizing that this is an important part of the advert and should be considered by the potential buyers and example of one of these in the advert could be when the camera does a close up shot on the newspaper when it is fanned out, showing all the sections of the newspaper, this shot is seen many times during the advert which emphasizes to the audience that there is a lot of sections to the newspaper and that there is something for everyone.

An example of a long shot in the advert could be at the beginning of the advert when a paper boy cycles away from the front of a large, detached suburban house, this may influence the more upper class citizens of society think that the newspaper is meant to be for them and not for the lower or working class, however this may make the lower and working class society feel that the newspaper isn't for them and that they cant afford this, although this is the message that is given off I do not think that this is the way in which the producers wanted to make the working and lower class societies feel, I think that this was just the producers attempt of making a more classy and more encouraging advert.

The Radion advert is very different to the Sunday times. The advert is homemade and unprofessional. The editing sequence is amateurish and makes you feel like it has been cut and then pasted on again for example from the location of the garden to the kitchen and from when the shirt is dirty to when it is magically clean, dry and ironed. The sequence is jumpy and it does not incorporate any close up , long shot, wide angle, low angle or high angle shots whereas the Sunday times advert tries to incorporate all of this to create a more professional and interesting advert that people will actually watch rather than just ignore it.

The Radion advert doesn't use any sound effects, the only sound heard in the Radion advert is the family talking into the camera and also the background sounds of other things going on around the neighborhood, which shows that the Radion advert obviously isn't very well produced and shows us again that it is a poor advert which is poorly created. In comparison the Radion advert was obviously rushed and made in a very unprofessionally way. The editing sequence is very jerky, and amateurish, the camera isn't kept on one place but is being moved around so the audience never get a clear image, instead the audience sees an advert where the camera is constantly shaking, this makes it hard for the audience to concentrate on what is actually being advertised and more on the fact that the advert is made in such a poor way.

The camera is never focused, which emphasizes again that it is home made, it is jumpy and none of the shots are caught properly , the shots are just quick flashes of what is happening and then the camera is whisked of to shot another person. The Radion advert fails to use any affective camera movements. It doesn't show any close, long, wide angle, low angle or high angled shots which makes the advert a lot less professional and unlike the Sunday times advert doesn't show what the audience should concentrate on which in the Sunday times advert is made clear when the camera zooms in on certain shots which should be acknowledged by the audience.

The fact that no different camera shots are used creates a very boring and ordinary advert which doesn't stand out to viewers and potential buyers, it makes people think that because the advert is made in a cheap way that the product is cheap, because the advert for the product is cheap people might feel that the product is cheap and probably is not the best washing powder.

The Sunday times' shots have been edited together in very neat shots, creating a smooth editing sequence and a relaxed, uninterrupted atmosphere whereas in the other advert the atmosphere creates by the way in which the advert is edited together is very interrupted and a tense scene is created. The advert is edited together in un-neat cuts, many of the scenes run onto each other and the editing seen altogether is cut very roughly.

The Sunday Times runs at a steady pace, it runs smoothly and includes affective and clever cuts, for example when the younger daughter in making the bed, sunlight streams in as a pink sheet descends into the foreground, as it descends it changes into a sheet of the news paper being opened, on the contrary the Radion advert runs at a mixed pace and with different things going on in the background, for example kids running around playing etc the camera is never fixed on a certain point it is always spinning around and jerking from scene to scene. Although both adverts are very different we can say one thing that is similar between the two, both the families in both adverts are white, there are no black or mixed race families featured in any of the adverts, some people could think that this is because the washing powder is not suited for them or because the Sunday times is far to expensive for any black or mixed race cultures to buy, however I do not think that this is the message that the adverts want to give of.

I do not think that the Sunday times wants to give off any message like this, in fact I think it is trying to give of a completely different message, being that the Sunday times is suited for everyone and that everyone should be entitled to buy it, however some people who may watch the advert may believe that the advert is only advertising the Sunday times for upper class people living in large housing and with a high income.

Overall I think that we can say that both adverts are of a different genre and are aimed at interesting different buyers to their products. One advert which is obviously aimed at the middle - upper class society, we can tell because of the professionalism of the advert and because the newspaper is created for businessmen and middle - upper class people. And the other which is obviously designed for the lower and working class societies, we can tell this because it is the opposite to the other, unprofessionally made and advertising a cheap unsuccessful product just like the advert.

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