The Key Concepts of a Skechers Advert

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Adverts are use to sell products and functions by creating fear and anxieties amongst audiences. Advertising controls people's tastes and behaviour in the interests of company profit and capital growth. Advertisers sell us a life style making us think we can symbolically obtain it by simply buying things. This advert is a trainer advertisement. The company of the product is called Skechers. This Skechers advert is representing trainers that can change your lives.

This is done by the way the advert is presented like a movie poster. The company of Skechers trainers have decided to produce an advert that would "catch the eyes" of their audience, so they produced an advert which has similarly layout to a movie poster. Their targeted this advert at teenagers, as teenagers have more disposable income and buy many trainers than any other age group. The type of advertisement that the advertisers are promoting is sports and the trainers are aimed at teenagers who play many sports and are energetic.

There are two different types of audience active and passive audience. The active audience are the people who will criticise, question and will not believe everything they see on a medium. Whereas the passive audience are the people who will just sit there and look at the medium and then buy the artefact, because it looks good. The advertisers also chose teenagers as the target audience of the advert because a large majority of teenagers are passive.

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The layout of the advert is structured like a movie poster because teenagers are interested in movies as well as sports, clothes and fashion. The advertisement is structured like a Hollywood (first cinema) action-movie poster and there are various people doing extreme action things such as diving underwater and fighting. There is a large image of a woman running in the centre of the poster. She is obviously wearing Skechers trainers and has a good figure; she is a stereotypical view of the kind of figure teenagers will want to have.

She will clearly attract the male audience because of her appearance and the female audience because of her figure. The lighting of the poster is clear, tinted and bright and there are different views of people such as close up, mid-shot and birds-eye view. There are many colours used in this advertisement. That means the advert will not bore its target audiences. All of the images are action related; everyone is doing some kind of exercise or something extreme (this is shown by image of fire around the woman which represents action as well as the other images). The imagery is used effectively as is symbolises what you can do by wearing trainers.

The advertisers thought it will be best to do an advertisement on trainers in the form a movie poster to break the stereotypical trainer advert and apply an unusual/ different kind of trainer advert. This advert is a positive representation on trainers as the implicit message of the advert is that; if you buy and wear these trainers you would be able to anything and that your physique would improve dramatically, anything's possible if you wear these trainers.

This advert is not a stereotypical advertisement on trainers; this will have a positive effect on its audience as it is different to regular-stereotypical trainer adverts. Stereotypes can have a negative effect on the audiences as people are sick and tired of seeing the same idea used again and again. The implicit message that the advert is trying to give to you is that if you buy and wear these trainers your performance will be improved/increased. The audience will immediately think that is the message because of the physique and fitness of the people in the poster.

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