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Advert analysis – Adidas

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The adidas advert is based around a football theme and is advertising no particular product; it is advertising the brand name itself. Because adidas is a global brand then its adverts have to be global to, otherwise adidas would have to make a different advert for every area of the world which it advertises. This would cost a lot of money therefore adidas try to make adverts which would interest a lot of people.

Also with adidas being a sports brand then the advert should have to be a sport this is why they have decided to go for a football themed advert, because football is the worlds number one sport and would therefore be the best theme, also with adidas being a sports brand then the advert should have to be a sport The people in the advert are the world's best footballers. This means that as soon as football fans see the advert they will instantly recognises the players and can therefore relate to them.

Also the fact that they have used the world's best footballers shows that the brand is a large and well established brand which again will attract people to buy their products. The footballers in the advert are from all over the world this shows that the advert is aimed at a global audience rather then just a certain country, and also its shows you representing their clubs in certain ways which will get people who support the clubs interested in the advert. The way in which the people are dressed in the advert is also very important.

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Because the football players in the advert are dressed in casual (adidas) clothing then it shows that the advert is aimed at sporty type people who wear these types of clothes, not the business type. Sonie the main character in the advert is very symbolic. Firstly because his name has a double meaning, for example Sonie is a word which can describe a young lad (the type of person that the advert is aimed at)a type of pet name used world wide whereas it is also a normal African name for a person.

The fact that Sonie is African (black) shows that the advert is aimed at a global audience and that it is not just the European market (main football area) that the advert is aimed at, this is also shown by the Traditional African clothes which Sonie wears The slogan of the advert is "I kiss football" because all the famous footballers say the line in the advert it is meant to make the people who watch the advert have a saying from the advert which can be said to people.

This will act as a extra advert because everytime someone says the slogan then it shows that they know what the advert is about and will interest others to find out what it means. This type of marketing stagy is mainly aimed at school children because this is the type of thing that children will latch onto and will become a new trend which adidas want, whereas the more mature viewer probably won't. There is also the slogan "forever sport" used in the advert, this is adidas's slogan, again this shows that adidas are aiming their products at people who are interested in sport.

There are also scenes in the advert which target certain audiences that the normal viewer will not pick out. For example when the advert cuts to the news headlines then the papers that flash up are the 'Sun' and 'The Times'. These are two papers which have a certain reader, one is a working class paper and one is an upper class reader. Adidas have done this so they target all types of sports people by using there potential papers to attract them tot heir product, this is getting the largest amount of potential buyers of their products as possible.

Also the news report used in the advert showed a Chinese woman commenting on the story. The fact that the woman was Chinese again shows that the advert is aimed at a worldwide audience. It is also saying that the news story went worldwide just like the brand adidas will. The advert is aimed mainly at men. I get this impression because it is mainly men that are interested in football/sport and therefore adidas will want to aim the advert more at them more then woman.

They have done this by using newspapers which are mainly read by men (the times and sun) and also all the characters in the advert are male whoa re idolised by males. At the end of the advert the narrator says "why did we choose Sonnie, because he's the best of course" this is insinuating that adidas are the best brand and only work with the best people i. e. the best football players and the best football fans. So if adidas are claming to be the best sports manufactures then people will want to buy the best brand and will go for adidas.

Advert analysis – Adidas essay

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