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Advert analysis – Weetabix

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This Advert uses humour stereotypes and representations in it. The opening scene of the advert is a shot of a man standing in a windy corn field in a suit, this is representing that the product is for working men and the fact that he is in the corn field and that it is the first scene is representing that the corn field is the starting point of the product. Also the advert starts of with a serious theme.

Then after this scene music is played in the background, the music is every important as it is the "we are the champions music" this is giving out a positive feel about the advert and the product, and is saying that if you buy the product then you will become a success. The next scenes are all of stereotypical men in different places ie a office worker, in this scene the camera pans through a office and shows mainly men working energetically, this represents that weetabix gives you a lot of energy.

Also there is a humorous element to the scene, this is when the camera is panning through the office and in one row of desks there is a man jogging on the spot, this is humorous and shows the laid back attitude of the advert, but it also sticks with the theme of the advert that weetabix gives you energy because the man is showing that he is burning off excess energy (which he got from weetabix).

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The next scene is a group of men playing football. With this scene it is representing the energy that weetabix gives you because it shows men playing a sport which uses a lot of energy. Again the scene has humour added into it to amuse the viewers and also humour makes the advert stick in peoples minds better, the humour in this scene is when the free kick which is taken smashes one of the floodlights instead of going into the goal.

The fact that the ball went way over the goal and smashed the floodlight could also be a signifier because it shows that the ball was hit with to much power and therefore went way over the goal and had enough energy to smash the light, this could represent that because the player had had weetabix then he had to much energy and power and therefore hit the ball with to much power and they are all saying how good weetabix is for you and how much energy it gives you to do your job.

At this point the product is unknown to the viewer so they don't know what the advert is advertising. It is not until the end of these work clips that a voice over in a grand manner tells us that the product is WEETABIX, and when the product is unveiled to the viewers there are 3 weetabix which form a large plug shape, this is signifying that the product will give you a endless supply of energy throughout the day.

The second last scene in the advert is of a woman and man standing in a kitchen with the man washing up and the woman standing with her arms folded (showing authority) and saying "It powers my own personal dishwasher". This is again referring to scene before where the weetbix made the plug shape (which normally power dishwasher) and is saying that weetabix is an alternative. It is also using humour to end the advert with.

The fact that woman haven't been used in the advert until this scene and the advert has been mainly focused on men is saying to woman that if you buy this product then the men will work hard which will mean less work for you to do, so the advert is aimed at both men and women, men because it is showing how much weetabix will do for you, and woman that you wont need to do any work if you get this product (as it is generally the women that do the shopping for the family) It is not until the last scene that the viewer finds out what the product is.

This scene is linked on to the scene before because off the camera shot, which is zooming through to the outside of a factory car park. As the camera is slowing down its zoom then it is starting to focus in on a car park warden's hut. As the camera is moving towards the hut a person dressed up as a pink rabbit runs across the road from one set of cars to another, right in front of the camera. This is to keep the theme of humour running through the whole advert, for example in every scene there has been different interoperations of humour throughout the advert.

As the camera begins to get towards the hut the music starts to reach its climax and is building up to a dramatic ending. As the camera goes into the hut it reveals a warden eating a bowl of weetabix, at this point the viewer finds out that the product is weetabix. The closing scene is set in space with a starry background. It shows three weetabix manoeuvring into a plug like shape with a yellow line symbolising the shape of the plug.

This is very representative because a plug is associated with power because it is the one single thing that links any household appliance with a power supply, and because the weetabix's make the pins of the plug it shows that weekabix are a endless supply of energy. Also during this scene there is a voice over telling the viewer in a deep spacey voice about how good weetabix is for you and how it will give you lots of energy, the voice over is in a deliberately cheesy way to make the scene funny and comical.

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