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A blonde women wearing a short, pink dress and white boots hovers in the sky with her arms out to the side and one leg bent, this gives the impression that she is flying or weightless. The model is staring up into the sky and she has a little smile on her face which gives the idea that she is meant to be somewhere else but is currently right where she wants to be. Her interesting body shape draws the audience's eye to this advert.

Near the bottom of the page, the clouds behind the model are a pink colour which could be thought as representing a 'rose tinted world'; this idea could appeal to many people. On the bottom, right hand corner of the advert, the same colour scheme is shown on the bottle. It starts as dark pink at the bottom and gets lighter at the top just like the sky in the background. The models clothes seem fairly childish as they are simple and they have a feeling of the 60s style as well. This would appeal to the audience because the models clothes show that she is carefree and happy and the advert makes them think that by wearing the perfume, they could feel the same. The model's dress also has the Lacoste logo on it which gives the company to advertise their products even more.

This perfume advert aims to sell this perfume ''Touch of Pink'' to an audience of girls between the ages of 13 - 20. The reason why I think the target audience is this gender and age is because the colour pink is used repeatedly in the title, the costume and the scenario. Pink is a widely known stereotype associated with girls and femininity; and the energy in the atmosphere is high, which is a connotation for youth rather than old people. This advert is also thought of men being the target audience; you can very nearly see up the model's skirt which I think would appeal to men. The advert has to appeal to men as well as women because most of the time, men buy perfumes for their partners and by making the model seem fairly exposed, Lacoste have succeeded in getting the men's attention.

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The name of the perfume 'Touch of Pink' is displayed just above the perfume bottle. It is the same colour as the models dress, so it immediately draws the readers attention and it is all in lowercase letters, which makes it seem quite fun and shows that there are 'no rules'. This mixes with the idea of the model seeming like a child, which should appeal to women audience because it seems like the perfume will free them from their grown-up responsibilities. The bottle is a very simple shape which fits in with the childish theme of the advert. The word 'Lacoste' is in a larger font and is all in capital letters to show that out of everything in the advert, the word 'Lacoste' is the most important.

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