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What Is that one, particular strategy that a marketer will employ to drive a consumer to buy a product? The answer to that Is advertising. In today's consumer driven world, advertising is the main force behind a company's success. The more convincing, appealing and effective the advert, the bigger the market for the product. They employ appeals including logos, ethos and pathos to convey their message to the audience. The most effective adverts, it seems, are the ones aimed at beauty or simply put, "looking good". The Avenue Active Natural advert, in a recent issue of the

Natural Health Magazine, is one such advert that uses all such appeals and leaves The Avenue Active Natural advert immediately quite an impact on women. Captures ones attention while randomly flipping through the magazine pages. The advert Is about a dally moisturizing lotion that uses a special Oat Formula. It uses warm, natural colors, basically different shades of green, which sort of has a soothing and relaxing effect on the audience. It features a glowing Jennifer Animations posing with an ever radiant smile; this mage takes up the entire left side of the page.

The background shows a place with a lot of greenery. On the bottom of the ad one can see the campaign slogan "see the beautiful difference healthier skin can make", in large white font; simple yet thought provoking. To the right side is more text explaining why oat is important for dry skin and how it is recommended by dermatologists, with a "before and after test" to provide some sort of evidence of how effective it is. The product itself, the lotion pump, is shown further towards the bottom of the page. On the top right corner is the brand name, "Avenue, active naturals" In white font.

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Since this ad Is featured in a women's health magazine, It ill capture the attention of health conscious women. It will target women who are looking for a good and effective moisturizer. Those who have skin problems, specifically dry skin, might find this ad particularly useful since It claims that the moisturizer uses oats which are recommended for dry skin. Health conscious women mostly look for organic products with the least amount of chemical because they are so conscious about their skin. Every woman wants to look as close to perfect as possible.

They are always on the move to find anything that will make them look good, s good as the models they see in magazines and in ads such as this one. Advertisers know that women will never be happy with how they look. Ads like these play on such insecurities and they always seem to succeed! The ad effectively makes use of logos to educate women as to why it would be a rational decision to buy this product. "Healthy, beautiful skin begins with oat". That right there makes the audience want to read on. The more she reads, she learns that the moisturizer uses an exclusive oat formula.

She's Impressed. What comes next really makes her eager to try this product. The ad says how oat Is recommended by dermatologists "to Improve the health of dry skin". Did somebody say "dermatologists"? With the support of fact true that oat is one of natures' best kept beauty secrets. If women had any doubt about that, well this information Just proves them otherwise. Furthermore, the ad shows a skin test to prove how using the product will improve skin in one day and show significant changes within Just two weeks.

Through this information and mostly professional opinion on the matter, the advertiser sets out to show that they care about the audience enough to provide them with such information. Pathos is used almost everywhere in this advert. Firstly, the text plays a very important role. Phrases such as "see the beautiful difference healthier skin can make" play on the audience's emotions in the sense that it makes them curious as to what exactly "beautiful difference" means. Furthermore, it mentions how beautiful skin begins with oat. This again appeals to the audience.

It makes them confident and believe that there is something out there that will give them better, more beautiful skin. Words like "exclusive oat formula" make the product seem unique. The advert levelly makes use of a beaming Jennifer Animations who is renowned for her natural beauty. It is trying to convince the audience that they too can look as beautiful and radiant as Jennifer Animations, if they use the product. Moreover, the warm, natural colors, as well as the greenery in the background and the clear blue sky, have a soothing effect on the audience.

They are relaxing to the eyes and give an overall "natural" feel and that is exactly how the advert wants the audience to feel when thinking about the product since it uses a natural formula. Lastly, the advert employs ethos to build up trust among the audience. If someone as famous as Jennifer Animations has chosen to campaign for the product, then it is probably something worthy of using. It is probably effective because it is making her and has always made her look that good.

This exact notion goes through the audience's mind when looking at the advert. Now whenever they talk or think about the product, they will probably say something like, "Oh! It is the same brand Jennifer Animations uses. " Furthermore, the advert shows the reliability of the product with the statement, "it's the ingredients most recommended by dermatologists". It also uses phrases like proven to seal in moisture for healthier skin", emphasis on "proven", to further strengthen the trust element among the audience.

It is safe to say that this advert was a successful one. Surely, it made a lot of women get off their sofas and drive to the mall to look for Avenue, Active Naturals moisturizing lotion. If not that, it must have at least triggered some sort of response out of the women. The reason for that is that the ad successfully appeals to and prompts the audiences' emotions and their sense of trust and reason. Such a technique is of the best sort when it comes to beauty products like this one.

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