Essays on Foreign Policy

Essays on Foreign Policy

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Was the Labour party`s foreign policy under Tony Blair a success?

The years of Labour Party rule under Tony Blair were characterised by an interventionist foreign policy which saw troops being deployed toKosovo,Sierra Leone,AfghanistanandIraq. An analysis of the stated aims of these interventions as well as the outcomes of them, on balance, leads one to conclude …

DemocracyForeign PolicyIraqSocialism
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Edward Vi Foreign Policy

‘Foreign policy in Edward’s reign was an ignominious failure’. To what to extent do you agree with this? When analysing the foreign policy of Edward VI’s reign, it is essential that one recognises that Edward was a minor and it was his protectors, the Dukes …

EnglandForeign Policy
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The Impact of the End of the Cold War on Us Foreign Policy

Discuss the impact of the end of the Cold War on US foreign policy Introduction When the world famous liberal thinker Francis Fukuyama in his masterpiece declared that we were witnessing the end of the history, he was greeting the new political structure and also …

Cold WarForeign PolicySecuritySuperpower
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Drivers of Foreign Policy

Since the peaceful coup that brought the current emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, to power in 1995, Qatar has entered into an increasingly expanding foreign policy, which has greatly increased the country’s regional and international standing. The main feature of Qatar’s foreign policy …

AsiaDriversForeign PolicyIranMediation
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Obama’s Foreign Policy on China

President Barack Obama and his administration’s foreign policy toward China can be summed up in one word: conciliatory. Conciliatory is not in the form of any weakness or appeasement, but rather the realization that in the 21st century global market, China is a main player …

ChinaExportForeign PolicyTrade
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Japanese Foreign Policy and Economic Aggressions

A major part of Japan”s history from the late Nineteenth Century up to 1914 was military aggression. During this period there were many economic, social and political pressures that facilitated military expansion. Japanese militarism manifested on the Asian mainland in wars, aggression and military presence …

ChinaForeign PolicyMilitary
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Foreign Policy

The first set of failures in foreign policy during this period can be traced back to the re-elected Churchill, whose refusal to accept Britain’s diminished post-war role. A key mistake this led to was Churchill complete intolerance of any further disconsolation, despite the beginnings of …

Foreign PolicyImperialism
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Foreign Policy 1776-1807 Dbq

During the Washington, Adams, and the Jefferson administrations, the United States was thrust into the decision of joining either Britain or France, the two most powerful European nations. In determining the effects of foreign policy on the developing nation, one must establish the overall direction …

Foreign Policy
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Foreign Policy on Pakistan-India Relation

An aggressive, liberal and a pro-active foreign policy makes way for improved ties with the nations of the world. Predictably, the regional scenario of South Asia, particularly of the region encompassing the countries of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Central Asian …

Foreign PolicyRelation
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United States and Foreign Policy Statement

De Loom letter 5. Filipino revolutionary leader 6. Roosevelt received a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the peace treaty for this war 7. Act that established Puerco Rice as an incorporated territory of the LISA 8. Amendment to the USA war declaration against Spain that …

Foreign PolicyMexicoUnited States
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Hitler’s Foreign Policy, 1933-38

The extent to which the international situation in January 1933 was conducive to Hitler achieving his foreign policy aims is debatable. There are a variety of factors which both assisted and hindered Hitler in achieving his aims. Some key aims of foreign policy were as …

Adolf HitlerForeign PolicyGermanyMilitaryPeace
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Which Of The Following Was The Most Important Reason For The Success Of Hitler’s Foreign Policy?

Britain and France were sympathetic to Germany because of the harshness of The Treaty of Versailles for example the Rhineland was to be demilitarised and land such as Posen and West Prussia were taken from Germany. For these reasons they thought that this could be …

Adolf HitlerForeign PolicySuccess
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To what extent did Thatcher achieve her aims in foreign policy?

When Margaret Thatcher first came to power in 1979 she had little interest in foreign policy but focussing mainly on economic and domestic policy. However, it was an area where she left a huge impact on. One of Thatcher’s aims was to increase the defence …

EuropeForeign PolicyMilitary
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Stalin’s Foreign Policy During Word War Two

Question 1: ‘Joseph Stalin’s foreign policy during and after the Second World War was an unmitigated failure. ‘ Do you agree with this statement? Joseph Stalin, the General Secretary of the USSR, who had signed two agreements during and after the Second World War. The …

CommunismForeign PolicyWars
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Foreign Aid as a tool for Foreign Policy

Foreign aid is defined as voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another country, at times as leverage to cohorts the receiving country do what the donor country wants. But it may be given as a signal of diplomatic approval, or to strengthen a …

Foreign AidForeign PolicyLiberalismPovertyTax
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What are the three main goals of foreign policy?
American foreign policy is focused on three key goals: security, prosperity, as well as the creation of an improved world.

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