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The paper shall proceed by providing a complete and concise introduction of amazon. ae so that a foundation can be established in order to follow further on with an elaboration upon the numerous fundamental internal and founding aspects that can influence the success of the brand. It is essential to highlight here that there are certain suppositions that have been made in the paper. However, in order to add originality to the development of the paper, it is necessary to highlight at this point that the paper has considered amazon. ae to be a UAE version of the well known website, amazon. com and shall proceed with knowledge acquired from sources that have analyzed the same in the past.

Amazon. ae Amazon. ae is the world’s largest online retailing organization that generates revenues worthy of envy even from the toughest names in the business. It was founded in the year 1994, and the initial product it offered online was an online bookstore, however as the years progressed it branched out into various product lines and brand extensions. The various product lines it adopted beneath the shade of its vast umbrella were VHS, CD’s DVD’s, furniture, toys, apparel, electronics and many others.

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It is due to the eventful branching out of various product lines that Amazon. ae is the most famous, easily accessible, reliable where deliveries are concerned and constitutes a large number of clientele that it maintains to its credit. Due to the difference in product lines and the necessity of marketing in regions where the products were most needed it was highly necessary that its online information be easily available in all conspicuous regions of the world where easy access would be the name of the game (Rich).

Therefore it has established different websites in many different regions like, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Dubai, China and Japan. Due to its ultimate success in whatever product it adopted, a necessary survey and inspection was carried which yielded a result that claimed that Amazon. ae was the favorite music and video retailer in the UK and held third position in all around global retail rankings. Although its Headquarters are in Dubai, Amazon. ae has many regional offices around the globe, which makes its services easily accessible.

This way the consumers if facing any difficulties, find Amazon. ae headquarters close at hand where they can review their situation and find solutions at the customer representative’s helpline and helpdesk. This serves to make Amazon not only a web based organization that would face suspicions of fraud and mistrust, but a tangible organization with a solid background and reputation. Apart from its offices Amazon. ae has adopted many software houses to assist in its numerous features, these are located within the Indian, Chinese and USA locale.

Amazon. ae not only provides retail selling services but also provides fulfillment warehousing services for various globally reputed companies in the following regions like Delaware, Phoenix, Nevada, Kentucky, Texas etc. Amazon. ae recognizes the ultimate necessity of customer and client feedback. It has established a highly efficient customer review monitoring system which monitors customer feedback, recommendations and complaints so as to leave no room for mishaps. If any negative comment is recorded, immediate action is taken to rectify the error.

It is due to the caution and care with which Amazon. ae performs its duties that it is reputed as the most reliable and trustworthy web based organization with efficiency that rivals a tangible organization with tangible services. The customer reviews monitoring system is not the only extent that Amazon. ae has gone to, it has further established means for each and every customer to actually rate and comment on each product that the customer favors or shows interest in to buy. This way on a scale of 1 to 10, Amazon.

ae offers products of limitless ranges, from something as cheap as a set of tarot cards and baby’s toys to intricate electronic appliances, all based on the customers likes, dislikes, needs, wants and economy of income. A fact of importance, Amazon. ae customers need not possess separate accounts; all accounts to be held by any customer of Amazon. ae are handled and maintained by Amazon. ae itself. This is a feature that provides Amazon with a distinct edge, at least an edge over eBay. Strategy

In order to develop a concrete marketing, it is essential to follow the approach that pertains to the four P’s which elaborate upon the price, promotion, and product and positioning of the brand. These four allow the complete, concise and concrete analysis and determination of the strategy that a brand should be subjected to during its development and launching. It is for the same reason that the following paragraphs shall elaborate upon the possibilities that amazon. ae can implement in light of the introduction to amazon. ae that has been presented above. Price

In terms of price, it is necessary to understand that amazon. ae is serving as a sales person or as a middle man for a wide variety of products, in this regard, it is essential that in order to avoid the occurrence of instances where website visitors who are potential website visitors choose to opt for another internet based service to buy the same products that amazon. ae has to offer (McGraw-Hill). It is therefore essential that amazon. ae uses advertising space to generate the major part of its revenues and ensures that the products being offered on amazon.

ae are of a price that the consumer does not feel inconvenient in any way (Sweeney). If a consumer finds a cheaper copy of the same book or a version of the same jacket at a lesser price at another online store, there will be almost no chances that the consumer will not opt to save money. In the same regard, it is just as essential to realize that amazon. ae exists in a market where there are already a large number of players in the same field, and it is therefore imperative that amazon.

ae offers one or the other augmented product or service that consumers cannot find or take advantage of from another online source (M. Gordon Hunter). Promotion With concern to promotion, it is necessary to see that amazon. ae will be known for its reputation as a web based portal through which consumers can attain their desired products rather than as a commercial entity, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the promotion for amazon. ae is carried through the use of websites that users can be expected to switch to in the absence of amazon. ae. Hence, in technical terms, amazon.

ae will be generating a void by introducing consumers to a web based portal where their multiple needs can be entertained in one go, and will then offer itself as the solution to fill that void. Product In terms of product, one cannot help but accept the fact that having established credibility and reliability, amazon. ae has an opportunity to become the Mark & Spencer of online stores. It is therefore important to realize that amazon. ae offers itself as one product that brings a vast range of commodities in access (Rich). It is therefore necessary to ensure that amazon.

ae is introduced and its reputation is maintained to be that of a complete package rather than that of a link to other links. Position Internet based services such as amazon. ae is currently providing a successful blend of products and services that enable them to attract a wide range of consumers. The can position themselves in a manner that enables them to appeal to consumers from all segments and industries from the society. Perhaps the one factor that contributes to this aspect the most significantly is that with the help of a single drop down menu, websites such as amazon.

ae can direct the website visitors to the precise areas of the website where they can find their desired product, hence allowing amazon. ae to position itself in a manner that is somewhat compatible with as many consumer segments as possible. Works Cited M. Gordon Hunter, Felix B. Tan. Advanced Topics in Global Information Management. Pennsylvania: Idea Group Inc, 2002. McGraw-Hill. Business week. California: McGraw-Hill, 1998. Rich, Jason R. The unofficial guide to starting a business online. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2006. Sweeney, Susan. 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site. New York: Maximum Press, 2004.

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