Providing Courses Fit for the New Professions amidst the Recession

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Colleges and other educational institutions assume a very vital role in the modeling and homing of future professionals. They affect not only the decisions of its students in terms of the students’ profession preference; they also affect the future job options of the students. ABC Institution as one of the education pillars of this country in the aspect of being a leading career college conducts activities and launches curriculum fully guided by the mission that the institution set out to achieve in its years of existence.

The mission being “ABC institution welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures, and abilities and prepares them for careers in thriving fields that are in demand. The core values include providing high quality curriculum, caring and supportive environment, and mentoring students to succeed”.

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This mission as of the presentation of this paper is now geared towards the creation of a new curriculum under the ABC Institution’s College of Management and Administration that will equip its students with up to date education that will give them an edge in landing professions that proved to be in-demand amidst the economic and financial trials of this period marked by the recent global recession. To better understand the technicalities intrinsic to the formulation of a curriculum, defining the common keywords in the issue at hand proves to be vital.

In this proposal the word curriculum is defined as the collection of programs of study or major courses to be offered by ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ). Program study or major in this proposal is defined as the set of classes or subjects needed to be taken by the students included in the new curriculum of ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ).

Lastly, classes or courses are the educational groupings of students that would tackle a focal subject related to the new curriculum introduced by ABC Institution (The Free Dictionary(American Heritage Dictionary), 2009, p. n. pag. ). These definitions will be used throughout this proposal. This proposal is written to distinctively inculcate the values intrinsic to the mission of ABC institution and to the new needs that it will set to fulfill in the next years of its existence.

This proposal would compromise between the tenets of ABC Institution’s mission and the specifications of the new programs of study under the new curriculum of management and administration. Compromising between these two factors present in ABC Institution is a must simply because the curriculum should always coincide with the mission of the institution that offers it. Taking ABC Institution for example, the curriculum of management and administration will be designed base on the mission of ABC Institution. This new curriculum will equally welcome students of welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures, and abilities.

This new curriculum will prepare them for careers in thriving fields that are in demand. The core values of ABC Institution which include high quality curriculum, caring and supportive environment, and mentoring students to succeed will be used in full swing upon the launch of its new curriculum on management and administration. Approving the launch of these new course offerings of ABC Institution will not only improve the reputation of the institution as a career college; it will also reshape the modes by which this institution provides quality education to its students (Wijesinghe, 2000, p.1).

The creation of new curriculum is one of the most recognized benchmarks of the effectiveness of any institution in terms of being dynamic set in the background that the real world apart from the institution is also very dynamic. Unfortunately, the creation of a new curriculum is not solely dependent on the needs that the curriculum is set to satisfy, resources and other forms of support should be all equally addressed before introducing a new curriculum (Wijesinghe, 2000, pp. 2-3).

As said earlier, this proposal pushes forth the offering of the curriculum focused on management and administration in ABC Institution. The reason behind the vigor put on in this paper to prove that doing so is a must only lies on two basic concepts- students will gain an education edge applicable in many fields and professions related to this course are now demanded worldwide. The theoretical and practical education that students will receive from the different programs of study included in this new curriculum will make them a highly viable labor resource in the near future.

The units to be included in this program study may differ from the unit requirements of the other programs of study to be included in the new curriculum. Amidst the allowance provided that may cause differences among programs of study, core subjects should be universal in the whole curriculum to insure that the curriculum has a sense of wholeness. Programs of study to be included in the curriculum are still open to changes; however in this paper core programs are encouraged to be introduced alongside with the launch of the new curriculum.

Core programs such as Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Management and Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management and Administration are pushed forth by this paper with the same weight that it proposes the introduction of the new curriculum. These core programs are deemed to be the programs that will provide the competency needed by the future professionals or students as they take on a very new profession landscape upon their graduation.

This proposal is not written on mere impulsive instincts and far flung idealism; this proposal is written through the guidance provided by the mission of ABC Institution. This proposal even in its early stages of formulation considers head on the factors that may affect the introduction of its proposed curriculum. Given the ample time of research that was given to formulate the proposal, there are three main factors identified to be internal to ABC Institution- integrity, resource preparedness and foundational education.

ABC Institution is laden with the burden that it needs to establish its integrity among its students, targeted hiring field and even among its stakeholders (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). These different groups should be satisfied with the overall manner by which ABC Institution provides the programs of study under its newly introduced curriculum. Resource preparedness is also vital to the success of the introduction of the new curriculum because the preparations put on by ABC Institution will insure that the curriculum will not be down played in terms of its manpower and educating credibility (Gardiner, 2010, p.n. pag. ).

Faculty members and other staffs of ABC should be prepared in all aspects, particularly in terms of being knowledgeable of the programs to be included in the curriculum, furthermore to the curriculum itself. Departmental turf should also be taken into consideration since the curriculum of management and administration is multidisciplinary in nature (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). Faculty members should also be allowed to freely express their insights and criticisms on the newly introduced curriculum.

The faculty members are those who would have firsthand interaction with the curriculum and its students; this made them credible sources of new ways of further improving the curriculum upon its introduction. Ultimately, the faculty members should be constantly reminded to handle the programs of study included in the curriculum with the consciousness that the lessons and activities should coincide with the mission of ABC Institution and with the goals of introducing the curriculum (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ).

Finally, the foundations of educating its students under the new curriculum should be constantly assessed and evaluated to insure that educational drifts are being avoided by providing constantly improving modes of education. The foundations that the curriculum will be able to establish in its early years will determine its future as a part of ABC Institution and establishing a good one should be prioritized (Gardiner, 2010, p. n. pag. ). In this proposal there is only one discerned external factor- the in demand labor market.

No matter how fluent this proposal maybe in justifying that the establishment of a new curriculum on management and administration is viable will be put to trash unless it will have an established target in the labor demand market. As a hint in the earlier parts, the new curriculum on management and administration is proposed to be introduced to educate and train students to be professionals viable to fill one of the most in demand professions- government managers (Kadlec, 2009, p. 11). This is a labor market that is deemed to be in constant hiring for the next three decades.

This demand is neither artificial nor temporary; it is a demand made by one of the most financially influencing event of all times- the global recession. The global recession has increased the demand for government managers because it forced many companies to sought help and assistance from the governments all around the world (Kadlec, 2009, p. n. pag. ). New professions are being created everyday just to manage corporate bail outs and turnovers facilitated by governments; in this aspect alone thousands of available jobs are being created.

Aside from this aspect of the global recession; professions on human resources and public affairs are almost equally opening up due to the sudden involvement of many governments with the corporate affairs. This is the major labor market that the curriculum if management and administration seeks to fill in by creating the fittest professionals for the job through the programs of study that ABC Institution offers. The high demand to fill in the slots of government managers is only one of the target industries of this new curriculum.

The ongoing demand for financial analysts and market experts are also some of the in demand jobs that this curriculum seeks to fill in (Kadlec, 2009, p. n. pag. ). After presenting every detail of this proposal for the ABC Institution, the one that proposed it realized one thing; there is a huge and almost untapped market of labor demands that ABC Institution can pioneer on…so why hesitate?


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