The NYU scholarship on public health graduate program

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I am pleased to apply for the NYU scholarship on public health graduate program. Since learning is a continuous lifetime process, I always wanted to gain knowledge of something innovative that will make me a better, rational and worthy person.

To complement with the dynamic changes of society and provide the high-end demands of daily life, every individual who thirsts for knowledge of information needs further studies in order to sustain such changes and demands. I deem that I will learn about the world’s philosophies and applications in adaptation of its very nature and its elements in connection to International Business and Management geared towards health care.

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My career objectives in taking up advance study in this field are to become a competent and knowledgeable person when it comes to governance and to learn more for the purpose of service. With the learning experiences that I will acquire in the University, I will be able to materialize all my intentions in serving other people especially those who are in need.

I believe that my training and experiences have prepared me for this kind of task since I consider myself result-oriented with a strong entrepreneurship background. My passion for healthcare management has led me towards the publication of a self-motivational weight-loss book called, “Kimchi Diet.”

Together with these skills, I have further honed my knowledge in the area of driving business process, qualitative and quantitative market research and customer service improvements. As a Hospital Strategic Planner, I have achieved significant results related to promoting the growth of the group to where I belong, developing innovative curriculum for effective new staff training thereby increasing overall client volume.

In the same vein, I have incorporated my skills in designing and implementing E-commerce sites and web portals in HR communication when I worked at The Gillette Company in Boston Massachusetts. While there, I developed Content Management System for various web projects within the company.

I am positive that the innate leadership and powerful drive for service within me will be developed while I am in the institution. I bequeath my humblest leadership, dedication and school spirit for the quest of knowledge. With the acquired knowledge I will have, I am certain to elevate and make better changes in human life not only in the campus but in the community where I belong and intend to serve. My optimism will help bring understanding and wisdom to the all people who need my assistance and service.

I want to extend my help to other students in integrating their interests in global, regional and current issues. Through my own dealings of life over the years and a handful of experiences in and out of the four-corners of the classroom, I have grown to be a more responsible and mature person.

Indeed, acquiring training in Public Heath Graduate Program will be the first step that I need to take to be able to accomplish my goals. I believe this program will help eager and zealous students like me with its curriculum possessing local and international focus and commitment for excellence. The program is what I need to develop a fuller understanding about the dynamic nature of public health.

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