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Gaining admission to colleges and graduate schools has become far more difficult, as the competition has increased dramatically over the past few years. Even perfect SAT, GRE, and other standardized test scores are no longer enough grant you the edge you need to be sure of acceptance.

The admission essay service we provide is your surest way of getting noticed by the admissions committees at even the most prestigious schools. Our writers are highly experienced and have succeeded in giving the winning edge to hundreds of persons accepted into Ivy League institutions. We will craft your essay to your best advantage, guaranteed.

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Scholarship Essay

Winning a scholarship out of a pool of the best applicants in any given year means your scholarship essay must be of stellar quality. Our highly trained and creative writers are perfectly attuned to the spoken and unspoken requirements of scholarship boards in all disciplines.

In fact, many of our writers have themselves sat on scholarship boards and know what it takes to get you the coveted prize. We will maximize the effect of your accomplishments, taking care to correlate them with the board’s requirements so that you’ll definitely be seen as the most outstanding candidate.

Personal Statement

Many of the personal statements currently being drafted by applicants leave admissions committees bored with their unimaginative content. Our service bypasses those banal and formulaic methods by infusing your statement with rich variety and bold creativity.

While we accurately portray your academic and extra-curricular activities, we also dig deeper to the major implications of these facts, in order to maximize the effect of your accomplishments. With our help, your statement will be at once profound, interesting and demonstrative of the great intellectual and creative capacity that will win the attention of the toughest admissions board.

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