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I. Introduction

1.1 Socio economic in Cambodia after 1979

The civil war has jeopardized the societal and economic development of Cambodia. Most of the societal constructions and rural substructures were wholly destroyed during Khmer Rouge, particularly educational sector, which is the most of import for developing the state ( Duggan, 1996, p.363 ) . Furthermore, Socio-economic environment for most of families after Khmer Rouge was frequently really hard for directing kids to school ( Ayres, 2000, p. 156 ) .

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In 1994, the state had about 5.2 million people below age 15 or about 47 per centum of the entire population. The size had been little down to around 5.1 million in 2004 and its portion of the entire population had fallen to 38 per centum. These alterations in the population construction have foremost affected the demand for primary and secondary schools. Some 3.7 million - 55 per centum, of the population aged 5-24 old ages were enrolled in the formal school system in 2004 - increased from 46 per centum in 1999. Adult literacy rate, population aged 15 and over, is 60 per centum for adult females and 80 per centum for work forces. The same survey stated that 43 per centum of adult females aged 25 and over have none or merely some instruction ( non completed foremost grade ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // socio-economic study 2004 ) .

Since 1980 there was a 15-year period with high birthrate and strong population addition. After 1995 there has been a rapid diminution in birthrate and mortality. Harmonizing to the population projection the Kampuchean population was predicted to be 15 million in 2010 ( National Institute of Statistics of Ministry of Planning, 2009, pp. 5 ) .

`` Educational disbursals per pupil for one school twelvemonth include school fees, tuition, text editions, other school supplies, gifts to instructors, and part to edifice financess. Households estimate educational disbursals to below 50,000 riels ( US $ 10 ) for pre-school and primary school pupils, for upper secondary to 393,000 riels ( merely below US $ 100 ) , for technical/vocational 1.1 million riels ( merely above US $ 250 ) , and for university 2.1 million riels ( merely above US $ 500 ) '' ( hypertext transfer protocol: // socio-economic study 2004 )

1.2 History of Kampuchean Education after 1979

Following adviser from UNICEF to supervising Cambodia instruction in 1980 identified there were chief three dimensions including crisis of qualify - deficit of qualified instructors and functionaries, crisis of orientation - a critical struggle and contradiction between the ends and construction of the system of bing educational system, and crisis of clocking - under proficient supported by Vietnamese advisers to make many things in really short period ( Ayres, 2000, p.132 ) .

Another survey by CONCERN in 1991 found some challenges of instruction in that clip including unequal preparation and wage for instructors and educational functionaries, no chief text books and other stuffs to back up instruction, non adequate school edifices for pupils, and high dropout rate. Other chief job related to instruction for cardinal degree at that clip was hapless educational quality and irrelevant course of study. Other survey at provincial degree by Redd Barna besides found that low rate of attending, low accomplishment of pupils, challenges of integrate into schools for those whose are former refugees ( Ayres, 2000, pp. 156-157 ) .

Even after general election in 1993 under supported by UN, quality of instruction service provided for basic instruction degrees is still in a serious status caused by the deficiency of resources, inappropriate-trained instructors, hapless managed system, about no instruction and acquisition stuffs and irresponsibleness ( World Bank, 2008, p.11 ) .

Even, there have been considerable alterations late, educational system will non make an international instruction EFA ends by 2015, because the figure of `` dropout and repeat '' in primary school degree is still high. The `` repeat rates '' in primary dropped from 26.3 per centum to 10.2 per centum between 1998 and 2005. In add-on, drop-out rates in primary school is less than in secondary school ( MoEYS, 2008, p.8 ) .

Recently, Cambodia has expanded national budget from 0.9 per centum in 1997 to 1.5 per centum in 2006 ( MoEYS & A ; World Bank, June 2008, p. 59 ) . Besides, the authorities has promised to increase wage for all instructors from 15 per centum to 20 per centum every twelvemonth but the exact sum is still really low in comparing to rising prices late and day-to-day disbursal ( MoEYS & A ; World Bank, June 2008, pp. 59-62 ) .

Educational system in Cambodia consists of simple school ( grade 1-6 ) , junior high school ( grade 7-9 ) , senior high school ( grade 10-12 ) and university and other establishments of higher instruction. Compulsory instruction is until grade 9 ( The Council for the Development of Cambodia, 2011, p. I-2 ) .

This research will concentrate on the undermentioned inquiries:

Why does MoESY necessitate scholarship plan at basic instruction?

What are the chief successes and challenges of execution scholarship plan at basic instruction degree?

How does MoEYS implement scholarship plan at basic instruction more efficaciously?


2.1 Overview of scholarship plan

KAPE: It was the first scholarship officially lunched in Cambodia since 200 and it covered 15 secondary schools in Kampong Cham state merely but it was for lone misss. The chief ground of initial this plan because merely one of five misss can intake into lower secondary schools in Kampong Cham state and as consequence in over 3,000 vulnerable misss and male childs in schools presents ( KAPE, 2008, p. 4 ) . However, misss other states were similar or more serious than state of affairs in Cambodia, it would be better if the undertaking expands to other schools and state to let other misss to acquire benefit from it and increase figure of misss to hold wide cognition and can dispute with work forces in society both public and private sectors.

PAP12: Scholarships and Incentives for Equitable Access. A major constituent of this programme was a scholarship strategy for lower secondary pupils, targeted peculiarly at misss in hapless countries. The plan stared in 2003-04 ( BETT, 2004, p. 1 ) and covered to 30 scholarships each school of 215 lower secondary schools in 16 states ( Mar Bray & A ; Seng Bunly, 2005, p. 24 & A ; 72 ) . If we have a expression of entire figure of each school, which covered by this plan, it was really little in term of instruction in Cambodia right now because there about 19.5 per centum of urban people in 2009 ( Asian Development Bank ( ADB ) , Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2010 ) . The coverage schools and states, and entire Numberss of scholarships each school were far off from sum of pupils in each secondary primary school even in rural and distant countries. The pupils are out of mark states were suffered from exclusion and even some schools in Phnom Penh would be covered.

JFPR in concurrence with ADB: Stared in 2003-04 ( BETT, 2004, p. 1 ) and targeted 93 lower secondary schools in 21 states and provided 75 scholarships for each mark school ( Mar Bray & A ; Seng Bunly, 2005, p. 72 ) . If we have a looks sum of states were likely really wide but in term of entire targeted schools were really little coverage, therefore, it would be better if the plan could cover the schools that non covered by PAP12 to let another hapless and poorest kids to hold an chance to acquire scholarship.

BETT: stared in 2003-04 ( BETT, 2004, p. 1 ) Funded by BTC and targeted 80 lower secondary schools in merely three states and provided 30 scholarships each school. It was excessively little for both coverage states or schools and even figure of scholarship for each school, therefore, it would be non most affect for overall basic instruction in Cambodia late.

CESSP: This was a formal plan after integrated of chief scholarship plans for lower secondary schools in Cambodia to avoid any overlap schools or even receivers but it still covered merely 100 lower secondary schools ( including newly-established schools ) in 21 states ( BETT, 2005, about the undertaking ) . Although MoEYS found the good manner to implement scholarship plan ore effectual but it was still non good plenty because coverage schools and states still limited. In order to cognize that scholarship would be more effectual to better instruction in Cambodia, particularly at basic instruction degree, the plan should be covered all lower secondary schools at countrywide or to all hapless and the poorest kids.

2.2 Successs

2.2.1 School registration

CSP had a critical consequence on school registration and attending. Recipients increased 16 per centum points of registration in school, 17 per centum points increased of go toing on the twenty-four hours of the unheralded visit ; pass more clip in school. Based on the study stated that one out of every five receivers would non hold been in school in the absence of the plan, with on-time class patterned advance, hence, it would anticipate that every 5th receiver would hold completed one more twelvemonth of schooling than comparable non-recipients ( Deon Filmer & A ; Norbert Schady, 2009, pp. 12-17 )

2.2.2 Target donees

The plan was right emphasized household poorness and gender precedence to do certain equity of entree to basic instruction and gender instability in registration. The scholarship besides provided residence hall to research the new ways to promote pupils at high-risk to go on their survey at lower secondary school - a instance in Rattanakiri state. Furthermore, the plan achieved highly decreased drop-out rates of pupils every bit much as 60 % than general 7th class rated in comparing to non-recipients schools. However, entire sum that support by undertaking late was non plenty for each receiver yet that some of receivers still dropped out even in period of implementing period ( William Collins, 2007, pp. 47-48 ) .

2.2.3 Impact on work

The survey stated the receivers were approximately 10 per centum improbable to work for wage and the survey besides mentioned that about 37 per centum of misss and about 31 per centum of male childs who did non scholarship receivers work for wage in seven yearss before the survey was conducted. Furthermore, many scholarship receivers stayed in school longer than non-recipients ( Deon Filmer & A ; Norbert Schady, 2009, p.2 ) .

2.2.4 Conditional Cash Transfers ( CCTs )

The CCTs plan impacts on a assortment of results including school registration. However, positive impacts may mention to amount of hard currency transportation and this manner is set abouting by many developing states in the universe. It would besides cut down poorness or support hapless household. The same survey stated that kids who received larger transportations did better than those who received smaller transportations in other dimensions - even the survey found that all receivers were brought into school as a consequence of plans ( Deon Filmer & A ; Norbert Schady, 2009, pp. 12-13 )

2.2.5 Impact on other kids

There were major two groups who could hold been straight affected including siblings of scholarship receivers, and kids who did non have scholarships because their dropout mark placed them above the cut-off for eligibility. The siblings of scholarship receivers could hold benefited from the plan since each family could utilize the same benefit for other kids or other purpose. Non-recipients who were enrolled in the same schools as receivers may alter some disadvantages attitude in order to hold an chance to acquire scholarship for following academic old ages. However, the consequences suggest no such consequence: the school engagement of non-recipients is unaffected by the comparative size of the incoming cohort of scholarship pupils ( Deon Filmer & A ; Norbert Schady, 2009, p.2 )

2.2.6 Monitoring and preparation

In scholarship plan of BETT was hired full clip staff improbable JFPR or CESSP, who their staff members were parttime basic. Besides, BETT coverage was smaller than either the JFPR or CESSP that allowed staff members have clip to carry on visits to many mark schools and that allowed BETT to cognize more elaborate about issues happened within receivers. Due to budget, transit and clip restraints, the undertaking truly need external aid to back up monitoring such as proficient functionaries from MoEYS, PoE and DoE but it was encountered that the relevant functionaries were improbable had full experience or skillful about that affair yet ( William Collins, 2007, pp. 53-54 ) .

BETT attack of a dedicated full-time squad, with NGOs developing background, willing to utilize external NGOs aid in the preparation exercising, achieves higher quality consequences of the execution. Orientation to rear about the plan was besides benefited and positive impacted every bit good as enhance answerability of school functionaries and guarantee right policy pattern. Besides, improved communicating between parents and schools functionaries would reenforce community support for local schools ( William Collins, 2007, pp. 54 ) .

2.3. Challenges

2.3.1 The mathematics and vocabulary ability

The survey was focused on the two chief parts including numeral and capacity of understanding plants through MoEYS course of study and text edition. The mark kids were both receivers and non-recipients, the consequences stated that both receivers and non-recipients are the same if those pupils entree the school regular and no absence. However, the survey besides covered to out-school kids and the determination stated that kids who had completed more schooling hold higher trial tonss - in both mathematics and vocabulary, and kids who dropped out of school before finishing 7th class may hold lower ability than those who stayed in school beyond than that class ( Deon Filmer & A ; Norbert Schady, 2009, pp. 8-10 ) .

2.3.2 Coverage countries

The overall scholarship plans implementing in Cambodia were non for countrywide yet even PAP12 - manage and implement by MoEYS, merely covered 215 lower secondary schools within 16 states merely and provided merely 30 scholarships for each mark school. Second, JFPR in concurrence with the ADB covered 93 lower secondary schools in 19 states and could merely cover 75 scholarships for each school. Third, BETT Project supported by BTC covered in 69 lower secondary schools in three states and covered merely 30 scholarships to each school ( Mar Bray & A ; Seng Bunly, 2005, pp. 71-72 and BETT, 2004 & A ; 2005, p. 2 ) . Another one by KAPE, local NGO, merely covered 21 lower secondary schools in Kampong Cham state merely ( KAPE, 2008, p. 4 )

2.3.3 Target donees

The four scholarship plans as brief description in portion of Coverage Areas ( 2.3.2 ) stated that the plan started coverage pupils at lower secondary schools in selected states and countries within Cambodia ( KAPE, 2008, p. 4 ) . Following indexs 2006-07 of MoEYS stated that net registration ratio about 92.1 per centum at primary but it was merely 33.7 per centum at secondary ( MoEYS, 2006-07, indexs 2006-07 ) , therefore, about 58.4 per centum was dropped out at that academic twelvemonth and most of drop-out would be kids from hapless and poorest families and some. BETT scholarship plan purposes at increasing passage for hapless and vulnerable kids from primary to take down secondary and advancing patterned advance through lower secondary instruction in the three targeted states. But the same study stated that the plan excluded certain classs of appliers, for illustration, kids of authorities households, who excluded by the JFPR design and initial BETT design but non excluded in the CESSP design. In the 3rd twelvemonth of BETT execution, the exclusion was dropped. The exclusion would hold two negative impacts because governmental households were non all hapless even instructors every bit many as local hapless appliers or it would be hazard to go politicized and used as an extra manner to honor authorities and party functionary at the local degree ( William Collins, 2007, p. 12 & A ; 48 ) .


By and large, the scholarship plans were implemented by MoEYS and other spouses were really good for pupils at lower secondary schools across Cambodia and the plan would assist to make EFA and basic instruction policies by 2015 following the committedness of authorities and MoEYS every bit good as planetary mark. It besides allowed hapless and the poorest kids have an chance to go on their survey without give more load to their household and parents every bit good as cut down authorities load, excessively. Although execution period was normally short clip and even policies implementing of each establishment was improbable the same but the receivers could acquire profit from the plans chiefly increase registration, addition engagements, stayed longer period in schools than earlier or non-recipients. Even receivers were non better in term of mathematics and vocabulary in comparing to non-recipients, who non absence, at least the plans could maintain low-ability pupils in schools and made alter some non-recipients to take into history of acquisition and take parting in schools.

The scholarship plans probably started and ended the same period and some of them were overlap mark schools and states but they had ain difference policies for execution, therefore, it was negative affect to receivers and donees every bit good as negative affect to whole plans. Furthermore, school managers, DoE, PoE, who on a regular basis involved with the plan would non be clear at all that was perchance to detain some activities, excessively or pass a tonss but got really small.

In order to implement the plan more effectual, all relevant stakeholders would incorporate and portion responsible each other first and happen the common ways or seek to follow policies to be similar or the same first to guarantee receivers and relevant stakeholders would be clear and full apprehension. Besides, it would be great if all implementing establishments can split states or mark schools of coverage. The last, but non at least, all hapless and the poorest or the most of them would be covered and back up it would be better and it likely find the right ways of improve instruction in Cambodia, particularly at basic instruction degree.


Name: Cham Soeun Date: March 18, 2011

I prepared the undermentioned assignment by myself and merely with the aid of the literature mentioned in the mentions. I did non utilize other literature to compose my assignment. I know that plagiarism is a serious offense and I am wholly cognizant of the negative effects.


Cham Soeun

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