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I am confident that combination of business and legal studies would enable me to show best of my intellectual capacity and prosper in competitive commercial market. I have stayed among top student in class during my five years of law study from an institution where mode of academic instruction was only in English. My active participation In debate, mock trials and community service had earned me numerous ward to which a honor given by international court of Justice Judge hold an exceptional value as I was not only chosen among 120 best legal scholars In world but only Indian to receive that as of now.

My association with Mr. Wang during internship made me learn role of international arbitration in rsolving disputes where parties belonging to different legal system are involved with common interest. I was fortunate to submit my inputs to combat problem like smuggling across international border. currently I am in final ear of competing my masters in international in past . relation although I have completed my diploma in business management.

The professional experience which I gained while working in an international law firm had developed my base toward application of law In regard to international business among two natlon. The more I experience, the more I felt that my tralnlng In India falls short of what I needed to effectively deal with my International counterpart In course of my practice . My vision lies to gain Insight Into legal structure of U S A. hich us biggest foreign investor of my country. Which is world fastest developing economy.

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A exposure to study LLM at NYU in international business regulation, arbitration and litigation will help me to analyze procedural law on international business and likely influence policymakers in its direct indirect benefit to my country in term of business opportunity and competitiveness by issuing measures to bring more foreign investment, cautious approach toward intellectual properly right,peacefull ettlement of international dispute through arbitration on faster node as I want to serve as foreign legal consultant for my country after doing LLM from USA.

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