The Concept of Advertising in Sprint Global Technology

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A form of audio or visual marketing communication that works to promote or sell a product, a service or an idea and employs openly sponsored and non-personal messages is known as advertising. Businesses or firms that wish to make their products known to their products to their customers are known as sponsors. It usually works well for the sponsors since they have control over the message that is being aired after making a payment for the same. This makes it different from public relations. It is also different from personal selling in that the message is never directed to a specific person. In an advertisement, there is communication via the use of various media. It can be through media such as magazines, television, email, websites, ads, blogs, and text messages among others.

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An advertisement can also be referred to an ad. It represents the actual presentation of the message through a particular medium. At times, people seek to increase the consumption of their products which pushes them to make use of commercial advertisements. Such ad makes use of branding where products’ images are associated with specific qualities which attract more clients and helps to keep the existing ones. Other times, direct response advertising can be employed when the product owner wants to evoke immediate sale of a product. At times, non-commercial advertisements are made. For example, non-consumer product can be advertised using such a medium. These products may include political parties, religious groups, and interest organizations among others. Persuasion through the use of free modes can be used by non-profit making organizations. Advertisements can serve as a form of assurance to employees that the firm in question is viable.

Web advertising is also known as online advertising. It’s a form of advertising that uses the internet to pass promotional messages to the internet users. However, most of the people view online advertisements as unwanted and as a distraction, and they have continued to block the ads that mostly carry these promotional messages. Web advertising can include mobile advertising, social media marketing, search media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing as well as other forms of display advertising such as web banners advertising. Web advertising is as sophisticated as the other forms of advertising since it includes the publishers who include the advertisements into their platforms as well as the advertisers who provide the information about the products to be advertised. Other participants involved are the advertising agencies who play the role of placing the ad copies and run ad servers which via the use of technology deliver the ad to the targeted websites and also track down the statistics. There are also advertising affiliates who do independent promotion for the advertisers’ products.

Sprint Global Technology company is a firm that works to ensure better communication by providing electronic gadgets to the clients. The company aims at ensuring that all the parts of the world are linked, and contact is made through the use of the internet. Thus those who afford to buy the devices from this company end up using free internet for as long as their devices can last. Their products are more durable and less expensive to ensure that most of the people in the globe can afford to purchase them. The company has agents in all the countries where in the world where the customers can access these devices as well as get the customer services that they want.

The youths are mostly using online platforms to get the information that they want. Most of these platforms are the social media where these young minds spend most of their times. Therefore, it is necessary to pass the information that is targeted to the youths through the use of social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedln among others. With the specifications for the products defined and images or videos attached, the clients in this age bracket can be able to access this information easily, assess its viability and then order the products they want after they make a comparison with the others in the market. Thus, the internet has been made a rich source of information for the youths and any other person who would be interested in gathering information from such media.

Sprint Global Technology has a better way of reaching the youths nowadays. Via the use of the internet, it has placed all its products online, attached all the relevant videos and images and made all the specifications for the product available to the clients. The customers can then be able to view a wide variety of products and get to choose and decide on the product that they want. Most of the people that are interested in the use of the internet are the youths who are consistently using the social Medias as well as the search engines doing their research. It was viewed that the handsets are better when mostly made available to the youths to ensure that they do not incur a lot of cost on the internet since these devices are configured to a system that provides all their users with free internet. The phones come in different colors. They are portable with an easy to use and customizable operating system that every person can be able to use.

The devices are also fitted with a unique tracking system that can allow the parents to track the youths whenever their parents need them. It means that their devices must first be configured with those of their parents to prevent the information about their kids from leaking to strangers. They are also fitted with a security protocol that only the parents know such that even if another person can be able to access the parent’s phone, then the information about these kids must remain confidential. The company is interested in the sale of its image. It wants the customers to be acquainted with its existence and the products and the services it offers. It also wants the world to know about its contribution in the world of technology via the provision of better devices and free internet.


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