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The website is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. UPS has spent a lot of time and millions of dollars making a website user friendly and easy to use for all customers, whether small, large, international, etc. What Services does Website Provide?  Individuals. Individual shippers can check time in transit zones, how long it will take to ship a package to a particlar destination, costs of that shipment, and can even keep a mail list directly on-time for frequently used shipment addresses.

The website will till you prices for each service such as ground, 3 Day Select, 2 Day Air or 1 Day Air overnight... even Sonic Air which can move stuff in just hours.  Small businesses. Can do all things an individual user can plus track shipments, maintain contact lists, offer multiple options of transportation to the end user. The customers can even get notified through email and texts the location of their shipment or any delays, this is invaluable for UPS’s just-in-time logistics world.  Large businesses. Large business can track large volume of shipments using a service call Quantum View. It will track delivery performance, track exceptions during the delivery cycle, and get notified on key service thresholds. It can monitor shipping trends, zones, and potential help analyze the cheapest and most effective way to use all of UPS's services. Many large customers have volume discounts, incentives and all that can be managed within the UPS information network.

I think the newly updated website has offered customers a lot of options and help clarify the complicated world of logistics specially international shipping and brokerage. UPS have actually won some awards in the internet world for our user friendly website. It is important to mention the international support the UPS can give a start up company. To many customers, information regarding a package is almost as important as the package itself. UPS has invested in scanning and tracking technologies to provide up to the minute information on where each package is while in the UPS system. If there are weather or service delays, that is tracked as ell and can even prompt a message to the receiver and shipper. Large companies also benefit from the full array of UPS's extensive portfolio, such as freight, ocean and air, trade direct, international brokerage, banking, logistics management, billing, managing customer databases, etc. UPS have logistics specialists that work with new companies to assist them in all the customs, brokerage, transportation, warehousing, payments, security, delivery, inventory managing, etc. all while doing business internationally.

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UPS has worked hard to offer customers a "one-stop-shop" so their customers won't need to look elsewhere for part of there logistics needs. UPS try to develop a deep, integrated relationship with each customer by developing value based solutions that support their business and in turn gives them business. If businesses grow, UPS grow, that is their motto. UPS have also business development associates that work with each customer and they become the one "go to" person for all issues when it comes to trade and transportation.

It is almost like a partnership to help navigate the complicated world of logistics and shipping. UPS want business to focus on their core competency while they take over almost everything else, some large companies that have a deep relationship with UPS that they rarely talk about: Nike, DELL, IBM, Amazon, Ford, Williams Sonoma, Costco, HP, Verizon, Apple, ATT, etc. UPS also handle almost all of their logistics needs so they focus on what they do best. A department that I specially think is very important and unique in UPS is the overnight just in time world of UPS. They help manage the airline for them.

UPS handle the most critical time sensitive shipments for their customers, such as machine parts, medical supplies, prescriptions, healthcare stuff, legal documents, etc. whatever needs to be there tomorrow for something urgent. UPS started the airline in 1987 and have grown to 245 jets and the largest cargo airline fleet in the world. Some trade direct stuff: Get Time Back on Your Side When doing business in North America, bypassing distribution centers and shipping direct to retail stores or end consumers can result in a competitive advantage. As your merchandise flows between the U. S. Canada, and Mexico borders, UPS Trade Direct® Cross Border can eliminate inefficiencies in your North American supply chain. This results in a cost savings to you and enhanced service for your customers. Streamlined Supply Chain Let UPS act as your single source for cross-border supply chain management needs. From pickup to delivery across the Mexico/U. S. and Canada/U. S. borders, UPS Trade Direct Cross Border is the integrated solution that lets you focus on improving service to your customers. Definitely the UPS website is one of the most powerful tools of the company in order to attract and keep their customers loyalty.

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