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As the popularity of internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. Public wants access to the methods of communication and volumes of information now available on the internet, and access at a cost they can afford and in such a way that they are not socially, economically, and politically isolated. Computer shop business is one of the most in demand businesses here in Rizal. Nowadays, internet cafes are really in demand because of the fast changing technology that the people embraced, just like here in the Philippines.

Most of students and professionals and students depend on the internet for research and projects, social networking sites and others. Some have their own laptops and bring it to coffee shops so that they could relax and at the same time prepare their assignments and paper works, and also, the number one reasons for computer shop for being in demand nowadays is the network and on-line games where many people specially students were inclined. And for that, there is a stiff competition in the said business. For you to have edge over the other shops there are some key factors you need to consider; first is the stability and reliability of your connections/network and innovativeness of your shop.

These studies discuss necessary things you need; standards you need to follow to attain that connection/network reliability and stability. And also these studies discuss common problems and solutions encountered by shop owners, problems that happen because of the ignorance for networking standards and malpractice in structured cabling.

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JDB Computer Shop encountered different problems on their daily operations, problems from their connections, hardware and software issues and the convenience of their customers. Listed below are the following problems that need to be resolved.

  1. How will JDB Computer Shop attains reliability and stability of their network and internet connections?
  2. How will the establishment resolve those connection lag that leads to disconnection?
  3. How will the establishment resolve hardware and software issues?
  4. How will JDB Computer Shop maximize their space without compromising the convenience of their customers?


Investing in a computer shop business is a risk but analyzing and studying your business will lead you nowhere but to success, and this study will show the economical, technological and educational significance of that.


Initial investment for a computer shop is very expensive; you need huge amount of capital depending on the size of your shop. Computers and software took most of the capital, followed by network infrastructure. Using the proper equipment’s, cables, network devices, computer hardware and software, and following the standards in structured cabling will give additional costs.

Initially it will cost you more –compare to not following those things; but in the long run you will benefit from it; economically speaking; because following standards will never go wrong. Example; according to network standards; network infrastructure life-p is upwards of 16 years; using generic type cables, low-end computer units and software tends to break every now and then; but using proper materials and devices will save you a lot from those repairs and maintenance.


This study will be very beneficial educationally because it discuss common computer shop problems, discuss solutions to those problems and discuss specific standards regarding computer networking which will benefit those people who wants to establish this kind of business ventures. And also this study will serve as a guide for students that will conduct the same study like this.


In technical side of this study; the study show different approach on how to give solutions for some technical problems regarding computer networking and structured cabling. It also features some latest technological innovation when it comes to information technology which will be significant for JDB computer shop owner and also the users.



The scope of this study is listed below:

  1. Structured cabling of the existing network setup.
  2. Hardware and Software upgrade for workstations and server.
  3. Physical arrangement of workstations.


The study does not the cover following:

  1. Reconstructions of the existing location.
  2. Additional Units.

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