Experience with a Computer Repair Shop

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First of all let me start off by saying I personally have had a bad experience with a computer repair shop in the pass especially when it comes to them backing up of your pictures, videos, documents and all your files to a DVD. Some repair shops say they will back up all your files for a cost to a DVD. T

he problem with that is a DVD only hold up to 4GB of memory. What if your computer has two hard drives or has 1TB of files and stuff that needs to be backed up. Here is when it becomes a scan because one DVD cannot save all of that memory and then they want to charge you extra, preferably and arm and a leg. Best buy has done that to me before when I had a virus on my computer and I only used my computer so save videos, pictures, play video games, visit social sites and read and send email. It was the worst experience I have ever had and I would never take my computer back to the geek squad ever again. Cost me about $400 bucks to remove a virus. I couldn’t believe it.

I can only imagine someone that uses their computer to create files and for their business and professional reasons. They would have a bigger computer and have a lot more files that need to be backed up than the normal person. That would affect them a whole not more than it would do me. Then the shop would not even reinstall their apps so they would have to do that all over again. That would be a pain in the butt and a whole other story.

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Computer repair shops now a day have people that work in it that are lazy and don’t know what they are doing and it’s not right for a customer who is paying good money for crappy service. I mean don’t get me wrong you have repair shops that do a good job and fixes your computer makes it a lot faster and a whole lot better when they do a good job by actually removing the virus and saving your memory as promise for a fair price. But this repair shop has both its good and bad. They will format your hard drive and reinstall the OS, but they will only saving pictures, videos and documents to only one DVD and that is a problem.

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