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This report, an analysis on the comparison of customer satisfaction between Grahame Phone & Beanlike has been prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of ABA program. While preparing this report, I had great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of activities, especially on the research methodology . This report brings helps to develop our understanding about formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses. At first we collect 50 people's person data then find out the customer of the gap ; bankrolling. Hen we comparison of the customer satisfaction. This research improves our knowledge, skills ; ability. In ABA program on the course BUS 405 Research Methodology for Business is very important things. Students know about the research. Knowledge of research not only helps one to look at the available information In sophisticated and creative ways in the fast-paced global environment that business race but this knowledge also helps In other ways. Modern technology has made research an excellent and a relatively smooth process.

Today a personal computer with a modem or any means to an internet connection places one within easy reach of knowledge of what happening in the global environment. Technology has facilitated the research process and decision making. 1. 2 Objective * To Identify the satisfaction level To Identify the average expenditure * To identify the burden level * To identify the average per minute call charge of BAL ; GAP connection to subscribers opinion * To identify ; analysis that mobile phone is playing a significant role in the economic development of Bangladesh. . 3 Methodology Methodology is very important : useful thing in a report. Methodology is a guideline system for salving a problem with specific components. Such us phases, task, Method, techniques ; tools. There are two sources of data collection: * Primary sources There are several method of collecting data : The observation method is the mostly commonly used method in studied relating to behavioral sciences. In a way we all observe things around us, but this sort observation is not is scientific observation.

Observation becomes a scientific tool and the method of data collection for the researcher when it serves a formulated research purpose is systematically planned and recorded and is subjected to checks and controls on validity band reliability. 2. Interview The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral - verbal stimuli and reply in terms of oral - verbal responses. This method can be used through arsenal interviews. 3.

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Through questionnaires The method of collecting data by mailing the questionnaires to respondents is most extensively employed in various economic and business surveys. The merits claimed on behalf of this method are as follows: a) There is low cost even when the universe so large and is widely spread geographically b) It is free from the bias of the interviewer: answers are in respondent own words, c) Respondents have adequate time to give well thought out answers. D) Large samples can be made use of and thus the results can be made more dependable and reliable. 4. Through the schedules

This method of data collection is very much like the collection of data through questionnaire with little difference which lies in the fact that schedules are being filled in by the enumerators who are specially appointed for purpose. These enumerators along with schedules go to respondents put to them the questions from the Performa in the order the questions are listed and record the replies in the space meant of the same Performa. Ins certain situation schedules may be handed over the respondents and enumerators may help them in recording their answers to various questions in the said schedules.

Enumerators explain the aims and objects of the investigation and also remove the difficulties which any respondent may feel in understanding the implications of a particular question or the definition of concept of difficult terms. 5. Discussion with the officer with the officer of BAL ; GAP * Secondary sources 1. Annual report of BAL ; GAP 2. Various document s from BAL ; GAP 3. Different websites, books 4. Internal record 1. 4 Scope . This report, an analysis on the comparison of customer satisfaction between Grahame Phone ; Beanlike. T has been prepared to fulfill the partial acquirement of ABA program. While preparing this report, I had great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of activities, especially on the research methodology . This report brings helps to develop our understanding about formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses. At first we collect 50 people's person data then find out the customer of the gap & bankrolling. Then we comparison of the customer satisfaction. This research improves our knowledge, skills & ability. Important things. 1. Limitation On the way of the report, an analysis on the comparison of customer satisfaction teen Grahame Phone & Beanlike, I faced the following problems, which may be termed as the limitations of the study. The major limitations of this study are given as follows I. There were some restrictions to have access to the information confidential by concern people ii. Some of the people cannot share their actual information. Iii. I have no proper experience to do this kind of report. So, inexperience creates obstacle to follow the systematic and logical research methodology.

Part: 2 Overview of the cellular phone Industry 2. 1 history of the industry Grahame phone: Gramophone, widely known as GAP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 32 million subscribers (as of June 2011) Gramophone is the largest cellular operator in the country. It is a Joint venture enterprise between Telethon and Grahame Telecoms Corporation, a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micromanage organization and community development bank Grahame Bank. Telethon, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns 55. % shares of Gramophone, Grahame Telecoms owns 34. 2% and the remaining 10% is publicly held. Gramophone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh. It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Stay Close, stated goal of Gramophone is to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. The idea of providing universal mobile phone access throughout Bangladesh, including its rural areas, was originally conceived by Cabal Quadric, who is currently the founder and director of telegram Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT.

He was inspired by the Grahame Bank microcircuit model and envisioned a business model where a cell phone can revere as a source of income. After leaving his Job as an investment banker in the United States, Quadric traveled back to Bangladesh, after meeting and successfully raising money from New York based investor and philanthropist Joshua Mailman, and worked for three years gaining support from various organizations including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yuan's of Grahame Bank and the Norwegian telephone company, Telephone was finally successful in forming a consortium with Telethon and Grahame Bank to establish Gramophone.

Quadric remained a shareholder of Gramophone until 2004. Gramophone received license for cellular phone operation in Bangladesh from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on November 28, 1996. Gramophone started operations on offered a mobile-to-mobile connectivity (widely known as GAP-GAP connection), which created a lot of enthusiasm among the users. It became the first operator to reach the million subscriber milestone as well as ten million subscriber milestone in Bangladesh. November 28, 1996: Gramophone Ltd. Received cellular license by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh.

March 26, 1997: Gramophone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh. June 1998: Gramophone started its services in Chitchatting, the second largest city and the port city of Bangladesh. Cell to cell coverage between Dacha-Chitchatting was established. 1999: Gramophone started its service in Chula, the industrial city of Bangladesh. Also cell to cell coverage between Dacha and Chula brought a number of other districts under coverage. 2000: Gramophone started its services in Rajahs, the education city of Bangladesh.

Service also started in Sylphs and Barista and thus all six divisional headquarters got the cellular network coverage for the first time Bangladesh. August 2003: Gramophone's subscribes base has become more than one million. Gramophone became the first operator in the country to reach the million subscribers. November 2005: Gramophone registered more than 5 million subscribers. November 5, 2006: Gramophone crosses the 10 million subscriber mark after almost ten years of operation. September 20, 2007: Gramophone reaches 15 million subscribers mark.

June 2008: Gramophone reaches 20 million subscribers landmark. On the November 16, 2006 GAP formally changed its logo to match its parent company Telethon's logo. According o GAP the new logo symbolizes trust, reliability, quality and constant progress. The name Gramophone was kept as part of the new identity because the name Gramophone carries with it all of the heritage, success and values of the company's past, added the then CEO of Gramophone Erik As. Bankrolling: Bankrolling is the second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh after Gramophone.

As of November, 2009, Bankrolling has a subscriber base of 12. 99 million. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rococo Telecoms. Bankrolling had 1. 03 million connections until December, 2005. The number of Bankrolling users increased by 257 per cent and stood at 3. 64 million at the end of 2006, making it the fastest growing operator in the world of that year. In August, 2006, Bankrolling became the first company to provide free incoming calls from BUTT for both postpaid and prepaid connections. On August 20, 2008, Bankrolling got past the landmark of 10 million subscriber base.

Sheep Telecoms(Pat Ltd)-after talking lots- finally was granted license in 1989 to operate in the rural areas of 199 piazzas. Later it obtained GSM license in 1996 to extend its business to cellular mobile, radio telephone services. It launched operation in the last quarter of 1997 as a Bangladesh-Malaysia Joint venture. In July, 2004, it was reported that Egypt based Rococo Telecoms is set to purchase the Malaysian stakes in Sheep Telecoms through a hush-hush deal, as Sheep had failed to tap the business potentials in Bangladesh mainly due to a chronic feud between its Malaysian and Bangladesh partners.

An agreement was reached with Rococo worth IIS$25 million was finalized in secret. The pact has been kept secret for legal reasons, considering dealing was the Joint venture agreement between the Bangladesh and the Malaysian ratters, which dictates that if any party sells its Sheep shares, the other party will enjoy the first right to buy that. Integrated Services Ltd. (SSL), the Bangladesh partner, was being 'officially shown as purchasing the shares held by Technology Resources Industries URI) of Malaysia for $15 million.

SSL then paid another $10 million to Standard Chartered Bank to settle Saba's liabilities. In September, 2004, Rococo Telecoms Holdings purchased 100% of the shares of Sheep Telecoms (Pat. ) Limited ("Sheep"). It was acquired for IIS$60 million. Sheep had a base of 59,000 users, of whom 49,000 were regular when it was sold. Afterward it was re-branded and launched its services under the "Bankrolling" brand on February 10, 2005. Bankrolling;s license is a nationwide 15-year GSM license and will expire in November, 2011. In March, 2008, Sheep Telecoms (Pat. Limited changed its name as Rococo Telecoms Bangladesh Limited, matching its parent company name 2. 2 mission & vision of the companies Mission & vision of GAP: The gramophone Ltd aims at providing reliable, widespread, convenient mobile and cast effective telephone services to the people in Bangladesh irrespective of where they live. Such services will also help Bangladesh keep pace with other entries including those in south Africa region and reduce her existing disparity in telecoms services between urban & rural area. To be leading provider of telecommunication services with satisfied customers and share holder and enthusiastic employees. " Mission & vision of BAL: Bankrolling aims to understand peoples' needs best and develop appropriate communication services to improve peoples' life and make it simple. All our work is aimed towards meeting our vision. All members of the bankrolling family are highly passionate individuals, fully committed to achieving the vision that we have set ourselves. Our customers' needs matter most to us- making their life simple and improving it is all we want.

To ensure our vision is achieved, we have set ourselves a few values, we want to be: Straight Forward, Reliable, Innovative, Passionate. All the bankrolling family members have one thing in common- a passion to serve. We want to go that extra mile, so that you can have the best possible service. Limiting in the future of Bangladesh. 2. 3 Market invention Market invention of GAP: According to Gramophone, it has so far invested more than BAT 10,700 core (USED 1. 6 billion) to build the network infrastructure since 1997.

It has invested over BAT 3,100 core (USED 450 million) during the first three quarters of 2007 while BAT 2,100 core (USED 310 million) was invested in 2006 alone. Gramophone has built the largest cellular network in the country with over 10,000 base stations in more than 5700 locations. Presently, nearly 98 percent of the country's population is within the coverage area of the Gramophone network. The entire Gramophone network is also EDGE/GAPS enabled, allowing access to dial-up quality speed Internet and data services from anywhere within the coverage area. There are currently nearly 3 million

EDGE/GAPS users in the Gramophone network. Market invention of bal: Bankrolling offers a wide range of products and services to suit the needs of the dedicated enterprise relationship manager who provides them with personalized customer care round the clock. Other benefits of enterprise include customized packages with attractive call charges and connection price, enterprise SMS broadcast, enterprise short code, international roaming, missed call alerts, free voice mail retrieval, fax and data service, call conferencing, special offer for family members and many more. It was first launched in December, 2006.

The current packages are: * enterprise corporate; targeted at the corporate segment * enterprise SEEM; targeted at the SEEM segment * enterprise personal Prior to the launch of Bankrolling enterprise, Bankrolling served the business clientele through a similar platform named Bankrolling professional. 2. 4: Products Description: Gramophone was the first operator to introduce the pre-paid mobile phone service in Bangladesh in September 1999. It offers the pre-paid subscription under the name Easy Prepaid which is currently called "shoji ,Bond ,Upon, smile, sponsor, Business Solution prepaid".

Besides shoji, Bond, Upon, smile, sponsor, Business Solution, Gramophone also offers a youth based mobile to mobile connectivity within Bangladesh named deduce. Gramophone also offers postpaid mobile service. Explore Postpaid is the name of its post paid service. Internet: Gramophone provides internet service in its coverage area. As it has EDGE/GAPS enabled network, any subscriber can access to internet through this network. Gramophone was the first mobile operator in Bangladesh to offer EDGE services to its subscribers. Bill Pay: A service to enable users to pay their utility bills Electricity/Gas through mobile.

Cell Bazaar : Services to enable users sell or buy products through mobile or internet. Various other services like Stock Information, Instant Messaging, SMS Based Alerts/ Services, Voice-based Services, Downloads, Music, Cricket Updates, Web SMS, Mobile Backup etc. Bankrolling currently offers two prepaid plans. All the prepaid plans come in two phases-?Standard and MM. All connections provide GAPS to subscribers. Des, with the slogan Eek Des Eek Rate! (means one country one rate! ), is one of the cheapest prepaid plans in the country by tariff. Users of Des can call any mobile operator at 0. Take during 12 AM to 5 PM. It also has three Fan numbers. Des was launched on September 14, 2006. Des rang is launched as a brand extension to enrich the brand of Des. Rang is a Bengali word which means color. It is introduced with the catch phrase-?Ranging Din Pan Jawbone (misdemeanors your life. ). This package is beneficial for customers who mainly make calls to their own network and are heavy SMS users. It offers four on-net Fan numbers, but no off-net Fan number. Regular prepaid was the first package Bankrolling had to offer. It is currently unavailable in the market. Ladies, first! Tit the slogan Shampooer Network (means network of relationships), was tailored for women. It was launched on September 3, 2005. It had introduced 1 second pulse for the first time in the prepaid market. It offered four Fan numbers. It is currently unavailable in the market. Be linked! Was launched on November 16, 2005. It was later taken over by Des package as all thebe linked! Customers were automatically migrated to Des. Currently there are three postpaid plans from which is a subset of much larger Bankrolling enterprise. All packages come with T&T local, NOD KIDS and e-KIDS connectivity.

Part: 3 Research Methodologies . 1 Review of literature * To demonstrate a familiarly with a body of knowledge and establish credibility. * To know the path of prior research and how a current research project link to it. To integrate and summarize what is known in an area. * To learn from others and stimulate new ideas. * Identification of variables. * Helps in developing theoretical framework. 3. 2 Determining Variables Simply defined, variable is a concept that varies. The values can differ at various times for the same object or person, or at the same time for different object or persons. There are two types of concepts.

These are: Concept refers to a fixed phenomenon * Concepts that those varies in quantity, Intensity or amount The 2nd type of concept and measure of concept are variable. Because variable represents a quality that can exhibit difference in value, usually magnitude or strength, it may be said that a variable generally is anything that may assume different numerical or categorical values. For example: * Gender(male, female) * Marital status (Married, Unmarried ,widowed ,Divorced) * Family income * Attitude toward women empowerment(highly favorable-highly unfavorable) There are several types of Variables.

There are: Dependent Variable * Independent Variable * Continuous Variable * Discontinuous Variable * Moderating Variable * Intervening Variables * Extraneous Variables * Relationship Among Variables 3. 3 Constructing theoretical framework The theoretical framework is the foundation on which the entire research project is based. It I logically developed, described and elaborated network of associations among the variable deemed relevant to the problem situation and identified through such processes as interviews, Observation and literature survey. Experience and intuition also guide in developing the theoretical framework.

The components of the theoretical framework: 1 . The variables considered relevant to the study should be clearly identified and labeled in the discussions 2. The discussions should state how two or more variables are related to one another This should be dome for the important direction of the relationships can be theorized on the basis of the finding s of previous research, then there should be an indication in the discussions as to whether the relationships would be positive or negative. 4. There should be a clear explanation of why we would expect these relationships to exist.

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