Marketing Term Paper Ideas: Think about Different Angles

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Marketing term paper ideas need to be expansive enough to fill a large word count requirement yet specific enough to develop an engaging thesis.

Therefore, the ideas you develop in marketing term papers work best when they focus on one specific element of marketing and analyze it in an imaginative way, such as sales, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, brand management, marketing research, or advertising.

If you have to write a term paper for marketing, here are some ideas you can develop into noteworthy papers that will garner high marks:

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  1. Write a paper about the perceived impact if marketing principles were applied to the democratic voting process to increase voter turnout. Talk about how you would increase the number of candidates to offer more choice in the product category, for example. Term papers for marketing offer the perfect forum for speculation and analysis, so let your imagination soar.
  2. Choose two top performers and write a marketing term paper that compares and contrasts their brand management strategy. For instance, you could compare Lebron James and Kobe Bryant, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, Jay-Z and 50 Cent, or Tom Ford and Jean Paul Gautier. Detail how they use their brand to expand their interests in other industries.
  3. Choose three advertising spots, two from traditional media and one online ad, and discuss the different approaches each uses to attract consumer attention, and talk about which one you feel is the most successful for its particular medium. Marketing term papers work best when they use research to argue an opinion, so apply research to prove your point.
  4. Write a paper about the types of businesses that might benefit from offering deep discount vouchers such as those promoted by Groupon, WagJag and Living Social, and the types of businesses that should avoid this marketing method. For example, well-known businesses might offer deep discounts to promote a new product or the products of a newly purchased acquisition; however, a restaurant that needs to manage an expensive overhead may lose too much money and be unable to generate enough revenue to withstand the loss.

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