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Today the whole world's image of technology is negative. Author Alex Williams, essay Quality Time, Redefined shows negativity for technology also positive things that technology can do, such as bringing families together. Making relationships stronger between two married couples. Technology can in many ways make families bonds stronger. In the past people would Just write letters to family members who lived far away. Now Technology has improved the life of people. Life has evolved over time with the help of technology.

I agree with Alex Williams in how much technology can help families bond stronger closer, also being connected to each other throw many APS, such as Backbone, twitter, emails, testing, also keep. These technology developments help the whole entire world to be more social and connected. Negative sides of technology that people see is how can a small phone can take the focus of someone that they love. Technology can in so many ways have negative sides to it. Making the eyes weaker, making the brain tired. Technology, has many negative sides to it as it has positive sides to it.

Many people would disagree on technology on having a positive side. Ms Vary agrees when she says " The family was in the same room, but not together. " (pig. 94) People when using technology get connected into the technology, and can't focus and do multicast while using technology, its kind of like it absorbs your brain cells Just to focus on one task. The culture has changed so much as when people read Just books, and playing bored games at night. Looking at it from one point books are as much focus taking as technology.

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As many people miss the old culture of America where he whole family sits and talk about how their day was or what are they planning for the next day. Ms. Vary acknowledges, " An evening like that can bring more closeness than a night spent huddling over a board game back in the days of analog. " (pig. 99) Ms. Vary agrees with using technology in a family as everyone would be doing what they wish to. The father would be reading a news paper, the daughter studying, the son playing games. Makes the environment much happier and excited evening for all the family members.

In the old days none of the technology excited but bored games books and stories excited where one family ember wither didn't like the bored game or didn't like the story, even though they would have sat throw the evening either listening to a story or playing something that they refuse to like. For example back in my country technology is not as big as it is in the United States, which has made an big impact on the people who live in the United States. When I was younger I remember we never sat at any time of the day and talk about each others daily life or about a sport.

Moving to the United States we picked up the American culture, which one of them is having so much technology in he house. We all had our own phones and laptop and pads. I then suddenly started getting super close to my mom. Testing My mom everything about my day, how everything went throw out my day. Which made me close with my mother until she passed away 4 months ago. "life keeps going. " a quote explaining how much I adored my mother when I started to know her and all about her childhood and boyfriend problems, which we never would have talked about if we were back in my country, we would Just be helping the moms clean up every mess.

Technology has done life much easier for humans, made people have critical thinking about life. Would you want to live in the old world and have no technology Just have some bored people who try to go throw their days? Or have technology which can make life border? Knowing that technology could do Just so much in someone life, that actually makes them emotionally closer with the family, and more involved in their siblings life throw APS, Backbone, Twitter, Keep connecting them to each other no matter what country, city they live in. I am someone who believes technology does not apart families or married couples, it can only make it stronger.

Today's culture connections often occur when the participants are miles, or even continents, apart. There are so many communication opportunities provided such as cell phones, laptops, and pads that keeps two couples together or meet in one country and stay in touch. Makes the relationship gets much stronger, by talking everyday about your emotions without worrying about how you look or care what you wear. Being yourself makes the relationship it self become stronger, and a love that is fought for. Alex Williams talks about many different topics in his essay one of them is allegations, and technology.

For example Dry. Elevate mentions " Your task to keeping the relationship vital and refreshed is managed togetherness and separateness. Technology could be used as a tool to assist that. " (pig 99) Humans can't be around one person the whole entire time, they get bored and start fights and their love goes from being in a healthy relationship to a exotic relationship. Where its all arguments, and not being able to handle seeing each other. Technology is one of the strongest tools that takes a humans focus, and take them to a whole another world.

Everybody deeds time to their self, while using technology helps keep the relationship between two couples healthy. Not being around each other all the time or have to be facing one and another, forced to talk about anything to keep the atmosphere comfortable for both couples. Their relationship can also stay very fresh, makes that bond of love stronger and stronger each day, missing someone makes you love them like no other. Dry. Hillman claims " People get up from their laptops, come together on one screen. " (pig. 98) Technology is so big that it has came to a point where people meet horror APS, come together and meet.

Different culture different believes, they still come together because of a talking bond they have with each other. For example I met my fiance throw Backbone which is an app that you get to meet people throw out the world. My fiance lives in Turkey Istanbul, which is a continent away from me, he can't come and visit the United States because of the wars and they won't give him his Visa. I went to meet him in Istanbul and we already had planned what we wanted to do where to go, we had so much things in common where we found out by talking o each other testing or keep.

The only ways we communicate and make sure we are still wanting each other is technology. Seeing him throw the app Keep makes me cherish having him in my life. We see each other once a year, through out the year we keep on using technology to keep us together and not separate, it also gives us our own time to our self to relax and think straight, know if this is the right person or not for you. My question for the people who always think negative about technology is "how can we have a social life when we have no technology in life? How can that alp our associate and make us more open to the real word? Technology can assist to keep the bond stronger between two married or engaged or in a relationship couple. The world needs to change their negative image because there are so many positive things about technology that helped us reach where we are today and where we will be in the future with the technology growth in our lives. Love is a strong word that can't be found easily. Technology allows people to find love all around the world. Cell phones has a huge impact on our life that keeps us in touch with our partners also families.

I think technology can grow so much bigger that people will start loving technology, and actually see the bigger picture of how technology helps us stay connected to the real world. As Alex Williams claims in his essay that there are many positive effects of technology that helped and still helps families. In sass people had no technology which kind of made them like robots they only knew what they were exposed to around their city. As if now people know so much more about other countries, seeing pictures of beautiful nature gives the hope to a better life and border thinking.

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