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Essay Summary of Observation Essay

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Asian game was running in Inches. Since my friend from Hong Kong Is one of the representatives for Hong Kong girl squash team, and I wanted to watch any of the Aslant game matches, therefore, I chose to watch squash competition at last. It was on the 24th September. The competition was held in Hourly Squash Court. I took the wrong line of the subway since it was quite far from SHCOON and still, I was not too familiar with the subway system. As I interchanged station In Guru to Donnas of blue line 1, I saw a slight difference for people In the train from the milliamp green line 2.

There were more elderly In the train. I was surprised to be asked to sit down by a kind lady. I felt like people have warmer hospitality than those from the city centre. After I entered the competition venue, I sit in front of the court that Hong Kong was playing with China. There were a few spectators as I expected. As know, squash is not a popular sport among all so it is really common to have a few spectators. There were 4 courts undergoing competitions In the venue. I looked around and I was shocked to see at the middle of the venue, there were full of people.

I was wondering if the game was exciting so I walked towards that court. It was hard to get there because there were really a lot of people. Even the staffs heading there to see the game. I finally found a space. It was the women game which South Korea versus Japan and the score was even. I was really shocked by the full house spectators. Most of them are Korean and what surprised me most Is that many of them got banners or cheering tools. They yelled the cheering songs and slogans loudly to support the Korean team. At the same time, my Hong Kong friend had finished the game and came to me.

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She as also attracted by the loud cheering sound and was curious about the people. She said, "It would be so good If Hong Kong would ever have so many people supporting me. " I asked, " Would there ever be that many people watching squash game In Hong Kong? ' she answered, " Even If there Is many spectators, they would never bring banners and cheer together loudly! " It was a tight game. Both Japanese and Korean players were well trained and passionate to win. I was amazed by Koreans passion to support the national team because when I went out of the venue to another venue, I could still hear their cheering sound.

Korea finally won the game. After the game, there were so many questions pop-up In my mind. The first question is why is Korean so passionate to cheer for the team? I have come up with this question because squash is really not a popular sport and especially for women's match, it is not exciting as the men's. I have think of some possible answers. Firstly, since South Korea is the host country of the Asian game, people are proud and so they put their effort in supporting the team. Secondly, because the match was battling with Japan, which Is a country who always has rivalries with Korea, so Korean

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