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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

Even though he is quite huh amble about his integrity and claims taking Tom’s case was just like taking any other case, it ha d to of taken courage to do such a thing. Tactics broke away from the mainstream by sticks Eng to his gut and did what was right. Following Tactics’ footsteps is Scout, Scout learns very quickly from her faith err the idea of courage and integrity.

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SCOUt learns these things at a very young age, although h she might not realize that her open mindedness takes a vast amount of courage. To truly u understand and give people a chance while being so young is inspiring.

When Scout stands up for Walter Cunningham in class she knows she could get in trouble but does it anyway. This is the exact idea of Tactics’ definition of courage. Another character with plenty of brave examples is Tom Robinson, Tactics’ clip .NET. When Tom spoke in court about pitying the white girl (Male) he knew that it would nag err the others but he spoke his true feelings anyway. At the end of it all Tom gets sent to prison, he tries to escape hill knowing full well that he had a very small chance in succeeding but once e again he does it anyway.

Tom knew he was “licked” but saw it through till the end. The Finch’s neighbor, mysterious Boo Raddled, does several unexpected acts of kindness that took a pretty good amount of courage. Boo doesn’t like going outside and bee Eng around a lot of people, but he makes some decisions that risk being outside and being by MO re people than usual. For example, Boo sees Scout, Jam, and Dill snooping around his proper TTY so he puts some resents in the hole off big tree for the children to have.

Boo also saves Soc UT from a scalding fire by giving her a thick blanket, Boo could’ve badly hurt himself but he risks t hat to save an innocent child’s life. Not everyone would risk their own life for another’s, but Boo does just that which shows his amazing amount of courage and integrity. So, what is your definition of courage? Make it your goal to fulfill that define Zion multiple times just like Tactics, Scout, Tom, and Boo have. Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mock inning” sis book about courage, and to aspire to be a good person.