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How To Define Your Target Audience

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Define your target audience. What are some characteristics associated with your target audience? One of the main drivers of Anheuser-Busch’s success over the past 150 years has been its ingenuity and innovation in advertising and marketing. As times changed, Anheuser-Busch always has created new ways to connect beer drinkers with its products (Marketing and Advertising, 2011). With the merge between Anheuser-Busch and Grupo Modelo we want to appeal to a broader range of people. Combined we hope to be the number one beer company in the world.

Our goal is to appeal to the energetic young crowd and the business savvy older crowd. In the U. S. , beer is generally marketed to adult males. It is also closely associated with sporting events in which men represent over 80% of total US beer sales. Here at Anheuser-Busch and Grupo Modelo we do not want to alienate our broader consumer base. We will be sure to capitalize on the consumers that each company can bring individually but put our main focus on obtaining new consumers. Right now our target audience would consist of men and women between the ages 21 to 44 that are all over America and Spanish countries.

Although our range is quite large there are separate target audiences with different characteristics for different beers. We are glad that we can target different ages and types of people through different beers. We feel it is important that we have a different types of beers for any palette. Our consumers are the ones that keep us alive and we make sure we conduct all our market research to give them what they want. The characteristics of our audience are very different for each beer. Budweiser is a very popular beer amongst males between the ages 21-34.

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How To Define Your Target Audience

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Young adult males that are die hard sports fans are the largest population of beer drinkers. Budweiser serves their needs by providing them with top quality beer they enjoy as well as providing products such as apparel that intertwines with their sports team / person they enjoy (Quincy, S. , 2010). Corona is a very popular beer amongst males ages 21-35, and more now then ever before, females are becoming avid beer drinkers with the likings of Corona Lime. They are confident, fun people who don’t take life too seriously. They are past needing their buddies’ approval of the beer they drink.

They believe that the mainstream beers everyone else is drinking don’t match the person they are–or the person they want to be. They’re open to change. They want a beer that reflects their personality. And they appreciate what Corona offers: an escape from the ordinary (Corona Extra: Miles Away From Ordinary. , 2006). Stella Artois is another popular beer, but it is popular amongst the older crowd. The consumer age range for this beer is 25-44. Beer drinkers age 25-34 are eighty-one percent more likely to drink Stella than other consumers in the projected population.

Those between the ages 35-44 were eighteen percent more likely than the projected population to drink Stella Artois. Education seems to be a large factor in the Stella consumer. Data shows that the higher education a person has, the more likely they are to drink Stella. The typical Stella consumer is most often well educated with at least a college degree, if not a Masters Degree or higher. This audience consists of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. (Ali, A. , & Smith, K. (2011). Appealing to so many different types of people is one aspect that we feel will make us successful in the long run.

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