Target Audience

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I think that this advertisement is aimed at parents or adults with houses. The toilet tissue is necessary for a house with single or married people in it. Andrex is hopefully trying to get the children of this generation to use it when the get a place of their own. Then hopefully their children will use it. This is what they are hoping to achieve, even though there are many brands. Product description The description of the Andrex toilet roll is that the toilet tissue has now got aloe vera.

This is trying to tell us that it is now luxurious aloe vera. This is a new brand of Andrex for the company. Events in advert At first the puppy goes into a room, to notice that there is a plant there (aloe vera plant). He doesn't really know what it is so he classes it as a new member of the family. Then in the advert it reveals what the aloe vera looks like. Then it shows us a toilet roll with the new cottoned like sheets on it. Then the puppy grabs one side of the toilet roll then knocks it with his head and he says ' I'll have to keep an eye on you' to tell us that he knows what is happening.

Central characters My characters are a Labrador puppy and a cactus plant (aloe vera plant). Image of advertThe main images in my advert are an Andrex toilet roll, a cactus plant and a puppy dog. Andrex advertises beanbag Labradors that you can collect them by saving tokens. This is a good way of advertising a product as many young children, and some adults want to collect the cute puppy dogs.

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Language (including slogan) It doesn't really have a slogan. It uses its brand name, which is Andrex. Aloe vera is normally a beauty product, so it is telling you that it is a luxurious product. Aloe Vera is also associated with softness, so you are given the impression in the product name are the key selling points of the toilet tissue. In this advert there is a phrase saying "Is spiky a new member of the family? I wasn't told." This shows that the puppy is a young, innocent dog.

It doesn't use any specific language features such as alliteration, rhyming or metaphor. It relies on its brand name and the 'aloe vera' treatment as its selling point. But it doe use onomatopoeia which is oooh which is for the softness. It also uses spiky because it is a choppy sound. It has a great affect on the audience because it uses a witty joke which is 'Is spiky a new member of the family? I wasn't told.' This is then aimed at young children, which is funny to them. The main audience is adults with houses.

In the advert it uses personification because it makes the dog into human because it shows you in the advert that he can think and talk like a human. This brings alight that the children might think it is great that a dog can talk like a human. This advert is mainly focusing on a puppy dog. It appeals to young children and adults because of the dog and the product it is advertising. The type of dog is very important because if you used an Alsatian people wouldn't really like to buy the product due to the sort of dog. Because the image of the Labrador puppy shoes that it is cute and cuddly. But like I said if you used the Alsatian there would be a different appeal.

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