A Synopsis of the Movie: The Social Network

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The document is a movie. It is a comedy drama produced by David Fincher. The title is The Social Network. This film was produced on 2010 and last 2 hours. By the title, we may assume that this movie talks about Network in our generation. Indeed, this film relates about the creation of Facebook which is the most famous social network. Facebook allows all people to have their own account to publish their information. So this document shows the improvement of new technologies. The main character is Mark Zuckerberg. He is a student at the University of Havard and he is also the one who invent the system of Facebook.

Im my opinion, I think the character of Mark Zuckerberg in the movie looks like him. By this film, we may assume that Mark is geek since he spends a lot of time with his computer. Nevertheless ,it is difficult to say that he is a geek, even though he is always with his computer during the film. Because he would like to be a brilliant computer scientist. During the film, the scene take place the most of the time at the University of Havard. Indeed, Havard is an private American university situated at Cambridge in Massachusetts.

Mark who is a student at this university, was accused to break with volunteers the security, the right of the reproduction and the respect of the private life. In reality, after his breaking with his girlfriend, he decides to create a blog which allows the student in his university to vote the most beautiful girl. Then this system has had a big success and becomes the most well-known social network from all around the world : Facebook. Actually the director criticizes the geek who spend their time with the social network in order to learn about the private life of someone else.

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So, it's an illegal act. Thus Facebook symbolizes the influence of the media in our society. It makes me ask myself if I should or shouldn't involve in the social network. And I also wonder how strong the impact of new technologies. Can new technologies break our private life. I'm very sorry that I send you this email so late because I had some problem with Internet in country. Indeed, I can access to the Inthernet only at night that's why I can send only now. I hope that you don't mind with this issu. Thank advance.

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