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Many companies experienced the impact of new technologies in the 1980s and early 1990s. It has recently been realized that the technologies are converging, raising more primary skill and resourcing. Technology while still de-skill a large number of jobs. The emphasis has shifted from people with technical staff to use sophisticated computer technology and display high levels of customer service (Nuseibe, 2010). The main purpose of this research is to facilitate customer orders online selection, online bill payments and facilitate customers by offering fast order delivery. All data management due to centralized data effectively.

The system will provide quick access in an easy to obtain the necessary information about the current state of the restaurant. The state will tell you about different deals offered by the restaurant. Different types of data are provided by the generation of reports that help in making decisions on the basis of these reports. Objective The main objective of developing the proposed system is to facilitate the customer by the easy accessibility and convenience, the user interface will so easy to use that customers can place orders, and can go through hotel information online 24 / 7.

Review of Literature Al-Ahmad (2006) recognized that Object-Oriented Pprogramming (OOP) can be explained as a model for building software. In OOP, a program execution is considered a physical model, simulating either a real or imaginary part of the world. In OOP, concepts in the classification (things, behavior, relationships, etc. ) and real phenomena (special cases of aircraft, flight, security stocks, etc. ) are represented as classes and objects, respectively, in the model of computer system.

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In OOP, key concepts are modeled as classes that are ordered hierarchically so that a new class (subclass) is generally defined based on a given class (super class) using inheritance. Dhamayanthi and Thangavel (2006) adopted the framework. NET is a set of products for the development and management of systems with tiered architectures and object oriented. A framework generally include several design patterns is too . NET, The Assist patterns composing the frame architecture suitable for many different applications without redesign. An additional advantage is that the framework recognizes the design pattern you use.

This paper is intended to present . NET versions for selected structural patterns. With the seven structural patterns discussed by Gang of Four (GOF), five are discover with the help of . NET framework. Gogolla et al. (2007) stated that Unified Modeling Language (UML) It provides significant today as a standard for software development. UML tools however provide light support for model validation and inspection in the early stages of development. Nor is there significant support for the Object Constraint Language (OCL). We present an approach for the support of UML models and OCL constraints based on animation and documentation.

The purpose tool (UML-based environment under) supports analysts, designers and developers in executing UML models and OCL constraints examination and therefore allows them to employ model-based techniques for software decision. Thomas et al. (2008) said the structured query language (SQL) is a language used with interactive usual relational databases. A SQL statement is a unit of execution that returns a single result set from a database. An exhibition is the result of a software glitch that gives an attacker access to a computer system involuntary.

SQLIV allow entry attacker to modify SQL structure via a SQL injection attack (SQLIA), which changes the logic of the SQL statement. An attack is a sequence of actions that exploit the vulnerability, often with devastating consequences. A SQLIA is a SQL injection attempt characters and / or keywords in the entrance of a SQL statement to modify the structure of the statement Koopmann (2009) explained that a word of caution with new unseen index function to be attentive to the other indexes created or changed without your knowledge invisible.

If you have to watch over SQL index structures which now have to add checking this column visibility or else you will not see the full picture of the indexes that are being maintained by DML but do not contribute to the seleactivity. This could become a nightmare for hidden applications when doing a lot of insertion, updating or deletion. Farooq (2010) reported that The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an Object Management Group. Object-oriented. Modeling information standard. it consists of a set of notations for modeling systems diversity of viewpoints and at different levels of generalization.

While the UML reflects some of the best models Object-oriented modeling experiences presented, there is a lack of semantic precision that is essential whether to use the notations to exactly model systems to cause severe and on the models. Zaveri and Hammerstrom (2010) discribed (SQL) Structured Query Language that is used to match the database middleware on these classes and modules database applications are one of the largest domain software and most important in the world. Some of the classes or modules in such applications are responsible for database operations.

SQL is used to exchange a few words with the database middleware on these classes or modules. It can be issued interactively or attached to a host language. The objective of this work is expected to software development defects in PL / SQL SQL files using metrics. Based on actual project data desert, The SQL metrics are empirically validated by analyzing its association with the probability of error detection through PL / SQL files. Ruparelia (2010) explained a web application server assistances a standard HTTP web server applications from a standard Web server to perform a vvariety of tasks, such as form processing and database access.

The predominant Web application server for the popular open source Apache Web server is PHP (PHP Hypertext Prepprocessor). This document provides an overview of the PHP pprogramming language and its important functionality, including form testing and database access. The paper also discusses campus applications of PHP, including campus service projects, a field of computer science in the development of web applications and student projects. Liu (2010) said it is a popular result premise SQL database that can’t transmit recursive queries, such as skill range; in fact, a new building was added to SQL3 to overcome this limitation.

However, the indication of this state is usually given in the form of a reference to the evidence that relational algebra can’t express such queries. SQL, on the other hand, in all its implementations has three aspects that differ fundamentally from relational algebra: namely, grouping, arithmetic operations, and aggregation. Allison (2011) reported that development is an object-oriented analysis and software design approach where system designers assume in terms of'' things'' instead of operations and variables. This involves designing object classes and relations between these classes.

A class module is an "idea" that provides a model for the attributes and services that the object is. An object is an occurrence of the class module. Materials and Methods There are many problems in the manual system, because this system of web-based information is entered and also able to know the data is maintained in the computer system. There are many ways through which can be developed software application. All business organizations so that you can easily recover, and the management system database is useful for these tasks. Reduced time consumption by using computerized systems.

This is responsible for these tasks. Tabular data will be manipulated by giving orders (Sharifian, et al. 2011). The graphical user interface will be used as the front end, and developed in PHP or ASP. SQL server is used for background design, storage and handling of data. Different reports are generated as required. Data redundancy is removed by the SQL server (Rao and Babu, 2009). The method will be used water fall in the hotel management system. In the waterfall process method includes the identification and selection of projects, project initiation and planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

In the first phase of the information needs of the system will be identified. After the first phase the gantt chart will be developed as a timeline for the determination of the task in the project initiation and planning phase. During analysis phase the investigation will be carried out, including the exchange of ideas on software, which will be going to be and what purpose will be fulfilled. Then, the logical design phase information system will be designed for the user interface. The interface plays an important role in connecting the user with the system.

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