A Synopsis of the Movie, Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster

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Period 4 - Films Literature 8/19/20 The movie that I find the best would be Ip Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster directed by Wilson Yip. Ip Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster is an action packed martial arts film, this movie being a semi-biographical cinema is based on a real person in history which makes the move even more interesting and exciting. Ip Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster not only has an action packed side but also has a heartfelt side by putting in Yip Man's tough life after world war two.

This movie also has spectacular fghting scenes choreographed by Sammo Hung a renowned in the martial arts department. Y Ip Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster demonstrates what every martial arts movie needs, action! Yip Man is a martial arts teacher which basically says that his skills surpass all. A fight scene that stood out for me was a fight that was set in a fish market. Yip went to the fish market to save a pupil of his and the rescue turned into an all-out brawl, a huge one!

The brawl was on a scaled of about two to sixty and Yip showing his skills defended himself throughout the entire fght unscathed! The fight scenes show the passion and dedication that Yip had for Wing Chun. Although this being a martial arts movie you wouldn't expect much of a storyline rather than Just a brawl fest to brawl fest, but that is what separates this movie form the rest. In the first movie Yip Man was a rich man but that change after the Japanese invaded China in world war two.

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Now in the sequel Yip Man tries to start a martial arts class but things do not turn out right, people didn't pay when he asked and he was unaware of a rule put down by the city. So Yip Man is yet to face another tribulation and he conquers it. Also his wife is a bigger part in this movie making her role bigger by showing the relationship her and Yip have and what a big impact she has on him. This movie also shows the tribulations that the Chinese race had to deal with. The

British were put as the antagonist; they abused the Chinese and used them as dogs. This harass they receive requires the Chinese to band together and get their honor back in a brawl. This fght is very honorable and inspiring because it shows that you can overcome anything together. Ip Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster is a movie that I will always love and a movie that I will watch over and over again and I will not tire of it. It has beautiful fghting scenes and story line is very touching. This movie is my favorite movie.

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