Bad Boys I Synopsis

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Bad Boys which was directed by the Michael Bay, former video director, had the chance to be recognized as this action comedy film had been a big hit. Allotting a very big budget for this movie was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson. The main casts in this film are two Miami cops, Mike Lowrey in the portrayal of Will Smith (a bachelor) and Marcus Burnett in the person Martin Lawrence (a family man). Their team-up gives the film the best shots.

Lowrey and Burnett take a highly dangerous case since 100 million dollars of heroin had been stolen out of the basement of police headquarters, which had been the biggest drug bust of their careers. These two Miami policemen have only got 72 hours to reclaim the heroin before the Internal Affairs Division shuts them down. A French drug kingpin named Fouchet (Tcheky Karyo) puts them hot on the trail since this drug lord leaves a trace of bodies in his wake.

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Giving color to the story is played by Julie Mott (Tea Leoni), who witnessed the murder of her friend, Maxine Logan (a hooker). She decided to contact the police and is willing to talk only to Mike but he doesn’t know what he looks like. Since Mike is not there, Marcus, his partner needs to pretend as Mike, living a bachelor lifestyle. In Mike’s return, he should also impersonate Marcus as a married man. What makes it exciting is that it has been complicated on both parts but they have to do it in order for them to get the support of the sole witness.

This movie is a great film especially their concept of the "buddy" formula. The scenes are realistic and high violence gave the movie a very attractive taste to the viewers. By the end of the movie, what we care about are the story, picture, and main characters which give the movie a very fantastic film.


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