Successful Marketing Strategy of Haagen-Dazs

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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"If you love her, then take her to Hagen-Dads", the advertisement is familiar to people all around the world. Hagen-Dads has successfully created value for its customers. Aimed to make itself the represent of top-class ice-creams, Hagen-Dads tried to make the feeling of satisfaction and happiness its selling point. And this orientation proved to work well. In 1981 , Times referred to Hagen as 'Rolls-Royce among ice-creams'. While there are some modification actually, Hagen-Dads focuses more on young ladies who are thirsty for romantic love than noble people.

On the en hand, women usually cannot resist the entice of sweet food and romantic feeling . An the other hand, the orientation builds an emotional tie between its product and the customer. It is not Just ice cream is actually part of their dream. Due to its market positioning, most of its consumers of are lovers. For them, they are pursuing more than Just delicious ice cream . Lovers desire intimacy, the feeling of being loved and understood, and special experiences . So Hagen-Dads make Its Ice cream the symbol of romantic and fancy. The packaging of its product is all-sided.

Firstly, the name of the brand 'Hagen-Dads' sounds to be Nordic ,which actually Is American. Secondly, the ice cream has a unique look and name which create a noble impression. What's more ,Hagen-Dads has done something that most companies failed to do. That Is ,to make ' the pursuing of romantic' the spirit and culture of the company. The connotation Hagen-Dads are trying to deliver has been developing all the time . From the original one "If you love her ,then take her Hagen-Dads" ,then In 2004,"melt slow',and the 2009 one "melt together". Hagen-Dads tries to deliver this usage to the customers-?to foster love In the spirit level l.

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And that's exactly what the couples are looking for today. Among the brands that are trying to create a romantic tale, Hagen-Dads successful makes Itself to be the leading one . Let Is even Impossible for others to copy or Imitate. We can encounter It In every corner of our life ,such as movies ,novels and so on. Hagen-Dads has definitely been a symbol of romantic love. In a word ,the key to the success of Hagen-Dads Is that It Is "FACING" Its customers Instead of back to them. It tries to find out what the customers really want and then successfully create value for them.

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