Successful Fashion Marketing Campaign Victoria’s Secret

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Successful Fashion Marketing Campaign

Even though many companies produce goods which are of very high quality, they still need to compete for customers with other producers. Oftentimes, companies offer similar products which could all satisfy customers, and in such a case only an efficient marketing campaign can stimulate customers to buy the products of this particular brand. Choosing efficient marketing tools is very important in fashion campaigns. Since there are many brands which can be enjoyed by customers, it’s necessary to devote considerable attention to the efficient advertising policy.

Victoria’s Secret is one of the top players in the fashion market. It’s a very popular among customers clothes store which sells such pieces of clothes as lingerie, sweaters, shoes, skirts, and any other items which every girl would like to wear. However, Victoria’s Secret is only one of the players in the market and since it offers products which have similar features with other products in the market (for example, Lord and Tailor also sells shoes), it was important for the company to take advantage of an efficient marketing tool in order to win a considerable share of the market. The well-known campaign of Victoria’s Secret started on September 21st, 2004 and had many unique features in it.

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The first unique feature of the marketing campaign of Victoria’s Secret was that it concentrated its efforts on the target audience of young people of 18-22 years old. It decided to offer fashionable clothes for only this group of people. In order to target the audience in the most efficient way, the company chose a very interesting strategy: they started advertising the clothes and selling in the campus of the university in Minnesota. The management of Victoria’s Secret has decided that in order to attract young people for whom the collection was created, the best distribution policy was meeting potential customers at the university campus. Since the new collection was created for young girls, where else could they e found in large numbers if not in the university campus?

The new collection of Victoria’s Secret bears the name PINK and its main feature is that it promotes sex and sexuality as the most important quality in a modern young women. Even though many people object to the need of making a focus on sex, Victoria’s Secret management has a different point of view. Every young girl wants to feel hot and beautiful, therefore she needs sexy clothes to walk in. She does not need to wear expensive clothes from Gucci to feel sexy because she might be not able to afford them. But here the clothes of her dream are- right in Victoria’s Secret PINK collection. Here every girl can find something to her taste. There is no wonder the marketing campaign of Victoria’s Secret was a huge success after moving the distribution right to the university campus.

The main slogan of the campaign was that sex sells, then why not sell it in the university campus? Despite the emphasize on sex in the collection and some disapproval from older people concerning that, the campaign was a huge success among students. Yes, the campaign encouraged sex and free attitude to life. But that is the way of thinking of many young people nowadays. The company only made clothes which reflected this way of thinking, and achieved huge success during it. All of the young girl students were interested in what Victoria’s Secret had to offer. The designers made a very smart decision to make clothes for any type of girl which can be at the university campus. No matter what height, color, shape she is in, Victoria’s Secret had something sexy for her to offer. The type of clothes they were offering in PINK collection were clothes in which a college girl could dress after just rolling out of be. She did not have to spend plenty of time near the mirror adjusting everything- she could just jump into the clothes offered in the collection, and be hot and sexy.

The main reasons of the success of Victoria’s Secret marketing campaign lay in the right choice of the target audience and correct choice of marketing tools in the campaign. Victoria’s Secret collection PINK had a great success among college girls for who it was created due to the well-organized efforts of management to promote the collection.

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