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Being a successful student is not difficult

Essay Topic:

Being a successful student is not difficult.Many students are trapped in their busy schedules, but few realize that being a successful student is well within everyone’s capability.The most important factor that comes in is ‘time management.

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’ With regular management of time, work does not pile up, leaving more time for the student to pay attention to his/her studies rather than worry about meeting deadlines. Time management also creates an organized and well-thought-out work and study environment, encouraging the student to gain more knowledge.

Mismanaged time can be devastating. It may sound exaggerated, but for a student, each minute is important. With work piling up, many begin getting worried, and it gets harder for them to work efficiently, and to their level best. With deadlines to meet, many also give in shabby and mediocre work, which eventually costs them their grades. Mediocre work has its own implications. Overall, a student’s self-esteem takes a nose dive. The cycle goes on.

On the contrary, a student who does his/her work on time, with attention gets encouraged, and gets more determined to prove him/herself even better next time. Being a successful student also has a lot to do with presence of mind. Many students remain absent-minded during lectures. This results in poor understanding of the subject, and waste of time. Along with paying attention, one also needs to retain the knowledge gained. In order to do this students ought to note down things.

Important points jotted down during lectures are often helpful. Students also need to read from other guide books and reference books in order to enhance their understanding of a subject. This results in through in-depth analysis. Students should also make time to study. Studying again, should be done in a most organized manner, with a deep understanding of the topic. Last but definitely not the least is the desire to be successful. Students who are motivated are always successful, no matter what hurdles stand in their path.

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