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Victoria Secret Communication Strategy

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Task: 1) Pick a brand (consumer goods categories including services) and gather all its marketing communication materials, and evaluate how effectively the brand has mixed and matched marketing communications (see Chapter 6). 2) Based on your understanding of the role of social media and other new forms of marketing communications, develop an interative brand-consumer communication program or campaign (refer to Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7) Length of the report (choose either Word or PPT format) 1. For Word format, no more than FIVE pages (1. spaced, 12 font size) 2. For PPT format, no more than 50 slides are expected (35 - 40 slides range would be better). How well does a proposed ad campaign contribute to brand equity? Introduction Background Communication Objectives Designing Social Media Communication - Target Customers - Message Strategy - Execution Elements Evaluation and Control Marketing Communications: everybody can be sexy; pictures say more than words I. Media advertising 1. Television broadcast of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The possibly most outstanding, far-reaching marketing move is the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, being broadcasted on CBS during primetime with almost 10 million viewers in the year of 2012. The show is being used as a place to show-off for varying entertainers, designers and celebrities, having developed into an event with international relevance and recognition. The show and its execution stand for originality, excitement and extravagance, presented by the world’s top models, also known as the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

In the center of attention is the strong dominance of the image Victoria’s Secret wants to convey and literally scream out to its audience: the incomparable sexiness, the overbearing powerfulness and the imperturbable supremacy of the brand itself and its wearer. According to CMO Ed Razek of Limited Brands regarding the effect of the show, “online sales increase substantially both the night the show is taped and the day after its broadcast. We’re talking tens of millions of dollars here, at least” (Raven). 2.

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Television Advertisements with aggressive messages Victoria’s Secret’s marketing strategy features several television advertisements, promoting new product lines or special occasions throughout the year such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. A high consistency of the advertisements and high familiarity of the ad-structure makes it easily recognizable for consumers to distinguish VS’s commercial from other labels: each commercial features several Victoria’s Secret Angels and a large display of various styles and shapes of their lingerie for different tastes.

Further, it always features the brand name and a reminder of other company-linked mediums such as the stores, the catalogue and the online store. The models are always presented in action and wearing only lingerie to grab the viewer’s immediate attention. The rather fast-moving scenery, exactly displays the attributes consistent to VS’s brand image and the hedonic user imagery: especially the “It’s Showtime” (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=g8hCGq7oZds&feature=fvwp&NR=1)commercial designed my Michael Bay (Independence Day, etc. gives the advertisement a feeling of adventurousness, mystery, and the lingerie-displaying models a sense of being untouchable, sexy, powerful, desirable, irresistible, playful. This image is consistent throughout the advertisements and commercials “helps the [consumer] know what to expect and the variety keeps them coming back” (Raven). The verbal message – if present – comprises a very strong invitation or almost obligation to buy, conveying VS products to be the perfect choice of present for each occasion, such as stated in the “Tell me you love me” (http://www. outube. com/watch? NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=8Ev5TyHYSfY) commercial: Seducing women whisper to the viewer to tell them “you love me”, reinforcing this wish with the final sentence “There is nothing like a Christmas present from Victoria’s secret”. As to prove one’s eternal and only love for a women, men as well as women get triggered directly – the one in the double bind of conveying his love especially through VS lingerie, and the other in the expectancy of such a gift as a sign of true affiliation or doubt. . Advertisement and presence in high-gloss magazines Magazines such as Elle and Vogue in the United States are the main print-medium to advertise to VS’s target consumer. The highly recognizable and consistent advertisements mainly introduce product line launches, displaying the consistent image of the VS brand with the sensuality and sexiness of the featured models. Besides, there are numerous articles featuring either the VS Angels or brand-related information, keeping the brand present to the consumer.

VS has even reached out to reach their male shadow target audience, by featuring articles in the GQ men’s magazine, displaying desirable full-page photographs and even advertisement – making men want to see their women as sexy as the Angels, letting them consider to buy VS lingerie. II. Direct Response Advertising Direct response advertising is viewed as the key component of relationship marketing.

VS cleverly applies this communication method via its Facebook group with 21 million members, engaging them in active participation by empowering them to vote for certain products a model should wear for a show, vote for “either or” questions regarding products as well as respond to questions on their personal opinion about what they want to buy. The analysis of these responses certainly has an immense value for VS as they can easily and at a low cost detect consumer preferences and possible shifts, track responses towards special fields of interest and keep the consumer engaged with the VS brand.

III. Place resp. out-of-home advertisement 1. QR code campaign: Sexier than Skin A use of innovative technologies regarding mobile applications has been successfully integrated through the “Sexier than Skin” campaign. Huge billboards throughout the United States featured each a VS model with a QR (quick response) barcode hiding their presumingly naked intimate body parts. Every passer-by equipped with a mobile phone has been able to directly scan the QR code after having downloaded a gratuitous application, thus being able to “Reveal [e. . ] Candice’s Secret”. Consistent with the “Sexier than Skin” campaign, the then on the screen visible advertisement showed the same model wearing VS’s new, sexy product line, convincing the viewer to be literally sexier than only skin. In order to increase the effectiveness of the commercial, the advertisement has been directly connected to Victoria’s Secret’s main website, allowing consumers to directly browse through products and to shop online. . Mobile billboard campaign In the year of 2009, Citi-Mobile has launched a mobile billboard for VS’s “Perfect One Bra” campaign, “which featured a “stylish, state-of-the-art” 3D mobile billboard with a VS model printed on it wearing the new bra. The mobile passed major shopping areas and hotspots of Los Angeles County, carrying an additional announcement of the live-appearance of Heidi Klum at one of their flagship stores to launch the new line.

The buzz has spread among trendsetters, and a large crowd lined up to meet Heidi Klum and take photos with her, as she personally drove the mobile billboard to the store that day and excessively promoted the new product (http://www. prweb. com/releases/2009/03/prweb2214114. htm). 3. Angel Wings Box In 2012, nine boxes with worn vintage VS Fashion Show wings have been put up on Broadway New York, where people were able to have a photo taken with. These photos could be sent to VS via mobile multimedia message in order to get them uploaded on the VS Facebook fanpage.

A moment for fans to either enjoy being in the center of attention, taking part in the stunning experience of getting close to the Angel’s wings and sharing this moment online. Hence, people were able to tag themselves and to share it with their friends, spreading and promoting the brand throughout their social network, enabling VS to profit from very low-cost, efficient marketing (http://www. herworldplus. com/fashion/updates/try-on-a-pair-of-victoria-s-secret-angel-wings). 4. Product Placement

Easily recognizable Victoria’s Secret items such as the typical pink-striped shopping bag or the store front have been cleverly placed into several movies or TV-series, such as “Juno” (http://www. brandchannel. com/home/post/2011/12/09/At-the-Movies-A-Product-Placement-Super-Team-In-Young-Adult. aspx), a TV drama called “The Towns” (http://productplacementwatch. blogspot. hk/) and “The Office” (http://www. brandspotters. com/brand. aspx? id=48), subliminally confronting the consumer or viewer with the brand’s presence. 5.

In-store advertisement mostly only showing a picture, luring the desire to upgrade oneself with such an amazing lingerie product; * 4. Promotions: to encourage first trial or visit of (online) store by lowering price resp. adding value: coupons, rebates, gimmicks, free gifts, bundle pricing, promotions during seasonal sales; better perceived value; seem to have become stable part of VS marketing To Earn Online/Catalogue: * Place an order of in-stock merchandise totaling $10 or more and use offer codeLOVEANGELS at checkout. Choose the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card* as your method of payment. (You must complete your order with an Angel Credit Card to qualify. ) * Your free Secret Reward Card will be added to your order after offer code is applied and will be included in your merchandise package. One free Secret Reward Card per order. To Earn in Stores: * Use your Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card* with any purchase of $10 or more to receive your free Secret Reward Card. One free Secret Reward Card per customer, per day. Valid only at US, non-outlet Victoria’s Secret stores.

Same for facebook subscribers (digital coupons); or newsletter and catalogue subscribers as well; helps to reach price-sensitive consumers, increase product trial and quick, hedonic, in-store buying decisions; make it look as VS makes a special offer to their consumers, does not lower the perceived quality image; risk that buyers stick to promotional offers instead of buying the brand out of affiliation – but there are constantly promotions if only you follow FB, website, or other media; the brand after all makes profits large enough as the promotions are usually tied to a minimum purchase amount; . Interactive: - website: online shopping possibility, consistent in colors and style (pink), very clear, directly uring with rebates and special promotions; VS ALL ACCESS features newest updates about models, shootings, press released, trend reports, interviews and previews of the new collections to keep followers updated, involved, interested; also featuring videos how to get in shape as the admired angels, how to put on make-up the way they do – you can adapt their whole look and lifestyle as a passionate follower; store locator, policies, etc. clear and consistent design, easy to navigate through; - iPhone and Android Web: Victoria’s Secret “Get your Wings” application; PLUS normal app to allows online shopping and direct ordering - e-mails in the form or newsletters: Stay in touch & in style via your inbox, with the latest from Victoria's Secret, exclusive online and in-store offers ; sales, new fashion, lingerie ; beauty alerts, in-store events ; store openings in your area, news and offers from Victoria's Secret and its sister companies. Social Media: - facebook as rather to create a long-term relationship and consumer engagement (FABULOUS; design your own; encouragement to buy things and feel sexy), etc. ; almost 22million likes; 2 million followers on twitter; Welcome to the official Victoria’s Secret page, where Angels, Bombshells & the sexiest fans on Facebook get their fix for everything VS. Company Overview Victoria's Secret is inspired by a love for lingerie, and the desire to bring beauty—and fantasy—into every woman’s wardrobe. We believe little luxuries are of grand importance.

And what’s closest to your body is always closest to our heart. All under a “Life is Fabulous” slogan, especially the word fabulous being featured in the majority of posts; created a facebook community; able to fine tune its marketing and yield marketing insights, as consumers get involved by voting for outfit preferences; interactive involvement by directly promoting a new product line with the question whether “YOU” (spelled in capital letters” already found the perfect fit; easy platform to respond to consumer requests, responses, complaints, etc. irectly, publicly; promoting Model or theme playlists on spotify people can contribute to; - online videos via youtube channel: featuring newest online or Tv commercials and extended cuts, product introductions, behind-the-scenes videos on VS’ youtube channel, insights and close-up from the models, workout plans “train like an angel”, make-up tips “look like an angel”, videos “on the Art of Living Fabulously”, the Fashion Show, “you asked – we answered”; Mobile marketing via APP be it get your wings or the online shop, QR code scanning; to increase loyalty; targeted mobile ads in Pandora’s iPhone app – geo-targeting, as the ads show how far away consumers are from VS store – redirection to mobile landing site; increasing trial “Victoria’s Secret, the largest American retailer of lingerie, has recently launched the first ever nationwide mobile messaging campaign in the United States using rich media messaging, the next generation of MMS technology,” said Cezar Kolodziej, president/CEO of Iris Mobile, Chicago. (http://www. mobilemarketer. com/cms/news/messaging/14124. tml) “They are promoting their VSX Sexy Sport brand by sending workout tips through their video series, ‘Train Like An Angel,’” he said. “These tips are delivered by Victoria Secret models themselves, also known as the Angels, to teach women how to stay in shape. ” Rich media messaging is the only mobile technology that allows Victoria’s Secret to deliver videos on all mobile handsets and carrier with no data connection required; thus watchable EVERYWHERE; keeping in touch, updating, informing, strengthening the relation; to bolster awareness 7. Event marketing and sponsorship: Fashion show PINK NATION 8.

Publicity and public relations: Angels as spokeswomen, social stuff? (but the 2000 show was moved for a year from the usual February event at the Plaza to a May event in concert with the Cannes Film Festival in France to raise money for the Cinema Against AIDS charity; it raised $3. 5 million. ) 9. Word-of-mouth Consistency of content in FB stuff – makes people come back as they know there will be something waiting for them; All contribute to brand equity: by creating awareness of the brand, linking pop and pod associations to the brand in consumers’ memory, eliciting positive brand judgments or feelings (socially active? , and facilitating a stronger consumer-brand connection and brand resonance; Intended goals of an advertising or promotional program. Possible communications objectives include (1) creating brand awareness, (2) imparting knowledge, (3) projecting an image, (4) shaping, enhanding attitudes and influencing intentions, (5) stimulating a want or desire, and/or (6) effecting a sale, facilitate purchase behavior. (7) Building brand image; Read more: http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/communications-objectives. html#ixzz2Ny5BtTpR

Communication objectives of social media: http://www. chrisbrogan. com/10-communications-objectives-of-social-media/ We observe, young consumers use social media as a "push" medium (too) - they send out messages and are promoting themselves. They get friends with brands, because brands follow back REWARDING LOYAL CUSTOMERS 1. Generate awareness. 2. Drive Trial. 3. Product Launch. 4. Establish Need/Want 5. Product/Service Comparison. 6. Positive Association. 7. Form/Change Opinion. 8. Influence the Influencers. 9. Drive Action/Traffic. 10. Establish/Regain Trust.

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