Dialog in a cafeteria near the office of Victoria and Abigail

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One Saturday afternoon in a cafeteria near the office of Victoria and Abigail, they scheduled themselves to unwind and take a look to what really is going on in the realm they are into. Abigail unconsciously uttered what tremendous circumstance that is happening around her in the office and she simply takes into account the attitude of being bullshit is scattered in their working area, “As I join my officemate, I can’t help but just listen to the bullshit topic they are apt to” “You know, that was so rampant in the environment that we have, isn’t it? ” Victoria shows her feelings as she grabs her cup of coffee.

The two girls relate with each other as they exchanged insight as regards to the huge fuzz of bullshit thing. Abigail exemplify “You know girl, the thought of being bullshit lies on the fact that it is beyond the lies that we make, it is more alarming because you are doing beyond what you think is true” “What you mean Abigail? ” “What I am trying to embark here is that the verity that you lie, you actually knew that you are doing the wrong thing but it is different when you are talking about something without caring whether it is factual or not” Abigail expounds as she has a second thought behind her mind what is Victoria is thinking about.

“What are you thinking about? ” Abigail asked. Victoria responded, “Well, nothing besides the realization of what you are trying to implore”. “In actuality Victoria, it is more alarming than we think how being bullshit destruct one’s personality”, Abigail is provoking the feelings of Victoria towards the subject matter. “You know girl, the air in our environment in the office is very unscrupulous” Victoria is listening intensely to what Abigail is about to share. Abigail continues, “One of my officemates is claiming that she is rich and to the point that she is acting like a real one”

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“Really, how come you say that? ” “It was quite obvious that she is not and she is just making a bullshit gesture. You know, there were times that we are just talking about our experiences in the office as we handle our client and answering their queries, all of a sudden she will make a huge fuzz out of nowhere about her new condominium”. Abigail added, “It’s not that we are envious of her but obviously, it is not related to the topic most especially, we are all aware that it is not true and she is just acting like a rich fellow” “That was terrible! ” Victoria reacted.

“Absolutely, that’s why we usually get annoyed of her actions” Abigail really wanted to hear Victoria’s insights as to the matter of bullshit because in the realm they are distressing, it is quite everywhere and everybody is getting into the angle of the phenomenon. As the conversation of the two becomes intense, they did not notice that they spend almost two hours just tackling what bullshit in their eyes is. Of course, the subject matter is truly controversial because we can never deny the fact how we usually use such word to our daily encounters in our lives.

Going back to the cafeteria where Abigail and Victoria are exchanging their views, Victoria cannot take holding her emotions and reacted completely to what was Abigail is talking about earlier. She never hesitated to counterfeit what was Abigail’s scrutiny in relation to bullshit measures. “I agree with you when you say that it happens in our nature nowadays that bullshit is everywhere and we cannot do anything sometimes even if we condemn the act”, Victoria uttered.

Abigail is listening on what Victoria is about to take note. “Bullshit was established in the context of the discourse and not in intentions of the speaker per se” Victoria exemplifies as she eagerly expound what she is thinking as Abigail is talking earlier. Abigail is listening attentively to Victoria as she sips her coffee, accordingly she reacted “what views you are apt to when you mention that it is in the context of the beholder’s speech and not in the intention of the speaker that bullshit arises? ”

Victoria act in response “consider the norms of politics as those in authority consistently delivering how their nations are coping with the tremendous change in this time and age, however they fail to take a look on several issues of corruption that tends to depreciate the stability of their nation. The bullshit context of the authority’s approach to changing nation despite their unintentional gesture was quite dishonest and considered a bullshit act. Parallel to this, acting inappropriately by holding into corruption was undeniably unprincipled”

It seems that the two girls are showing their perception to the phenomenal acts of being bullshit. Indeed, the different approach that they believed in truly depicts a sense of formulating a specific theory towards the anomaly of being bullshit. Abigail is wondering how deep Victoria’s attitude towards their subject matter. She cannot hide in her inner self if at some point in her conversation with her friend that their views meet. It is good to take note the buzz about being bullshit nowadays, may it be on the fact that you acted the wrong and unaccepted way or the fact that your views contributes on being a bullshit material.

Either way, the theories at hand might contribute to the understanding of what this is all about. As the two girls continues to talk about what they encounter in their work and in the nation that they belong, they can’t hinder themselves to weigh who has the most reasonable consideration to what they are talking about. Abigail insisted that by being bullshit, it come to light the fact that you neglect what is true and believe in yourself that you are doing the right thing even if you just decoded what really is true and what is not.

On another account, Victoria uttered that it goes with the content of what you say that makes person a bullshit one. Unintentionally we do and say things which are oppose to our norms but we do not intend to sound like bullshit but by not controlling our selves, we make project such attitude. In realism, the perception of Abigail matters a she define bullshit by being neglect able of what is right and wrong. It has been said that it is most dangerous to be bullshit than to make lies and this is what Abigail shares to her friend. As they exchanged their views, the girls got enlightened by their topic and they just bonded all night long.

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