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1. Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink. * Consumers, not only Pink consumers, have a buyer decision process. This decision process includes need recognition, information search, evaluating alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase decision. In Pink buyer’s case, I believe many of them find the “need” to buy because they want to keep up with the newest trends and be fashionable. They are not buying this line of clothes because they do not have any and desperately need clothes, but rather it is being based on external factors whether it’s what they see possibly on TV, internet, or in magazines.

When it comes to the information search, I believe it is mainly external, although some loyal consumers do have internal information. I think teens and tweens are buying the Pink brand based on what they hear from friends and family members and also the advertising they see on TV and the internet. When evaluating the alternatives, it depends on why the consumer is buying Pink. If they are buying the brand to be fashionable and trendy, they are less likely to seek out an alternative since in their eyes they see Pink as the only brand.

If they are looking for sweats to use for athletic events rather than being casual around the house or dorms, they might consider looking at brands such as Nike or Adidas as being alternatives, but once again, it depends on why the consumer buys the Pink brand in the first place. The purchase decision comes down to whether or not Pink is the best choice. There are also other factors that come into play such as friends or family comments or reactions to the product. The post-purchase decision will form lasting impressions on the consumer and be a base as to whether or not the consumer stays loyal in future purchases.

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If the Pink brand meets or exceeds the expectations of the consumer, the consumer will most likely stay loyal to the company and spread the word to friends. 2. Apply the concept of “aspirational groups” to Victoria’s Secret Pink line. Should marketer’s have boundaries with regard to this concept? * There are a few aspirational groups when it comes to the Victoria Secret Pink line. First, one of the target markets in college girls, consumers of the Pink line may be ones of a sorority or club at college.

Another aspirational group includes celebrities, or celebrities who endorse the Pink line. Tween and teenage girls might aspire to be like one of the celebrities therefore wanting to look or dress just as them. The last aspriational group is the tween girls looking up to the teenage girls and wanting to be and dress just like them. This creates a problem when it comes to boundaries because Pink was not looking to market the brand towards ten and eleven year olds. I believe times have changed though so it is hard to distinguish a boundary for what is right and wrong.

A certain concept/style might seem wrong to the parent or marketing director from generation X, but that same concept/style might be perceived as just fine from someone in my generation. I do believe there should be some sort of boundary set by marketer’s on who they choose to market the brand to, but in the end they have no choice over who decides to consume the products. 3. Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes toward a brand like Pink develop. How might someone’s attitude toward Pink change? An attitude shows a person’s feeling or tendency towards an idea or product. Marketers throughout all areas try to persuade consumers’ attitudes in their favor. I believe in today’s generation, attitudes are based on very general and basic perceptions. Kid’s today aspire to be like many notable people in the media including the music and movie industry, therefore wanting to dress just like him or her. Also, perceptions could come from loving all the articles of clothing the child has bought from a particular store, such as Pink.

Negative perceptions could come from someone who does not enjoy shopping in crowded places such as malls, but this is where marketers might try to lead this particular consumer to their online outlet. Marketers are always trying to work on changing and persuading consumers attitudes whether it’s who they endorse, or something as simple as directing a consumer who does not like shopping in crowded places to shop at their online store. Marketers certainly know their trends and try to capitalize by things such as advertising and product placement.

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