A Man without Ambition is Like a Woman without Beauty

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All the process of human development is led by the man, to my mind. Maybe I would be blamed by some kind of feminists, but I’m totally convinced of this statement. The most of great explores, inventions, technologies were created by men. As a consequence , I can agree with the expression of Frank Harris, that “a man without ambition is like a woman without beauty”.

Considering the man as the leading power of history, I can confess that they couldn’t go forward without ambition. Only good sense of ambition can make a man to be an outstanding person.

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To reach the top of development and flourishing of society, we should carefully divide the roles of  the man and the woman. Of course it doesn’t mean that everybody must be similar. Jjust I think it will be better if a man remains a man and a woman remains a woman. I’m persuaded of the statement that a man is to have ambitions.

For example, being young he should try to choose some goal of his life and improve himself to reach it as soon as possible. The main role in succeeding belongs to his healthy ambition.

If a man is ambitious enough, nothing will stop him. A woman, in her turn, must be the well-spring of a men’s inspiration. That’s why she should be beautiful, thoughtful, smart and kind. If it is such an order in our life, men will win the world.

Applying to the history, we can remember the love-story of Napoleon and his wife Josephine. Napoleon became a legend because of his great ambition. He was so determined, so strong person that stayed in memory forever.

Josephine was unusual person, too. She was not only a really beautiful woman, but she was wise and clever enough to share all Napoleon’s ideas and aims. I think it was also her triumphs which her husband had come to. It’s obvious, that his astonishing ambitions were inspired by Josephine too.

To have an ambition means that one has a sense of self-reliance, strong desire to succeed, to do his best and to get his dream, to make something remarkable.

What will happen to a man without ambition? To my point of view, he won’t succeed in his life at all. Such a man will just join a big number of average people and at least disappear without leaving anything special. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such men. They never strive for any goal, because of the leak of ambition.

Summarizing the whole ideas, I can say that a man should bring his ambition up. This feature of character is a particularly the men’s one.  A man without ambition can’t be admired and respected, can’t become a special person and can’t move the world’s history forward.

All the greatest men of the centuries were ambitious persons. So if a man wants to be one of them, he should choose the most complicated way and follow it without hesitating.


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