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The original shareholders: O&P Management Limited (PM) Melcher Project Investments Pete Ltd (IMP) (Great Singapore Flyer Holdings Pit e Ltd) AAA Equity Holdings Limited (AAA) Additional shareholders: Singapore Flyer Comb & Co KEG (SGF) Agreed I Director from PM IMP 2 Director from AAA (Singapore. So, (2015) Scope Scope is the agreed work to be performed. Needs to be clearly defined, under stood and agreed

To ensure a smooth connection between the flyer's operation room to the IP phones and monitoring web camera in each individual capsules, they engaged with Mediumistic Heavy Indus tries (MI) The Builder of the giant structure turns to Datagram to design, developed and install an novo dative wireless local network (WALL) Completion in March 2008. Typical WALL network is only mm, Dicta raft provided extra wired acceptations at the spindle (or the hub) of Singapore Flyer, which then able to make all connections reach all capsules.

With total 1 router, 6 root bridges & 28 work group bridges. (Diacritics. Com, 201 5) Quality/Performance The agreed specifications of the outcomes, everything from design document s to project products or services. In 23 December 2008, Singapore Flyer had a breakdown in system. The wheel jerked and were grounded to a halt before 1700 hours, (0900 GMT) on the day, and restarted six hours after I t stopped. About 173 people were on board at the stated time, due to a drive motor experiencing a short CIA recruit.

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Inside of the cabin were quite humid as the air conditioning went off as well. (News. BBC. Co. UK, 201 5) Time The perspective that represents the total time to deliver a project based on the agreed Scope & Quality constrains. Scheduled for completion of Singapore Flyer was by December 2007 but got d allayed till April 2008. Rainstorms (weather factor) affected construction process (steel erection prop sees). (Contemporaries. Com, 201 5) The Singapore Flyer' s authentic plans is to finish the entire project plan by 20 05.

Due to the denial by Singapore tourism board has set a demand date of 30 march 2005 for the plan finer to rigid out its monetary sills_Jess for the project to keep developing (Asinine Business, 201 5) It is not until September 2005 until the finalized project details were revived w en funds were successfully sourced from 2 German banks, would the ceremony starts. (Chancing. Com, 2008) Cost The total budget to deliver the project. Estimated before executing stage & m monitored.

After the power short circuit,in 2008, Singapore Flyer brought the installation Of a new backup system into overseas, together with foreign experts. Costing around Singapore three mill on dollar (S$MM). (Asian Affairs, 201 5) The Start up cost to construct The Flyer is Singapore two hundred forty million n dollars (MM), Whereas, When bought over in August 2014, by publicly listed tourism operator, Strata Leisure with only Singapore one hundred and forty million dollar (S$MM). Demimondaine, 201 5) Strata sure is a subsidiary of Strata Corporation, A Gingerbread's company whom operates on tourist ATT reactions in Chinese Cities . (Lee, 2014) sourced from 2 German banks. Delivered Bateman Miffed (a subsidiary of A BAN Omar, explaining only BAN automated tellers are only present on the flyer site now & none from an y other banks) = s$million, further AS million coming from Bayberries Hypo undo Perversions. Why Singapore Flyer Pete Ltd went bankrupt in May 2013 are scarce but the FAA CT that observation wheels can mind it difficult to survive on revenue alone.

Even the London Eye has to depend d heavily on sponsorship. Unless a diehard of slow, giant affair wheels, the novelty factor wears out r ell fast. (Tests, 2013). Cost Constrain Enhance Accept Explain Constrain: Scope The quality and the performance of constructing the Singapore Flyer . Safety of Customers from the stability of support. Weather sustainability during operation Enhance: Cost Cost budget is insufficient. Financial partnership and sponsorship issues. Extensive operating expenses Of Singapore Flyer such as electricity, public reel action (service recovery)

Partnership & sponsorship to reach out to more locals and tourists because it s a tourist attraction venue Accept: Time Delayed due to weather climate change Delayed due to having problem in monetary issue Delayed due to construction Project Life Cycle The project problem is having problem in the cost resulting to bankruptcy dour inning delivering stage, in May 2013. The reason why Singapore Flyer Pete Ltd went bankrupt is because they are only sustained by revenue. Even The London Eye observation structure is heavily supported by sponsors hip for operations.

The problem at the delivering stage having an assumption of: The organization is fail look into other already operating observation structure e and their past issues and strong points. Budget failing short & may not consider the cost of problems for executing SST age. No backup funds considered. Recommendations As What Singapore Flyer pit Ltd already did, sell Off most shares to Other org animation(s) that are able to fund the Singapore Flyer and retain the original goals of it. Also able to find an other bank or organization whom is able to fund them for operation in return for other benefits.

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