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Lasting Effects Slavery Has Had on African American Culture

During the colonial period early American settlers came up with the idea to bring African natives overseas to America and use them as slaves. The white man was higher up than the black man in society at the time because of the color of his …

African AmericanAfrican American CultureAmerican CultureSlavery
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Slave Culture- African or American

Despite the abduction of millions of blacks from their homeland, slaves developed a strong familial camaraderie in America, retaining their African traditions as seen through dance, language, clothing and hairstyle. Although kinship ties were usually broken during the slavery process, blacks living on the same …

African American CultureAmerican CultureChristianityEthnicityReligionSlavery
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Segregation and Inequality of Opportunities Among African Americans in Poverty

The 2016 census reported around 9.2 million African Americans to be below the United States poverty line, which at the time was nearly a quarter of all the people living in poverty at that time (“Basic Statistics,” 2018). This is a defined group of people who live as a …

African American CulturePovertySociety
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Analysis of the Nightlife Painting: The Embodiment of African American Culture

The Nightlife painting among many others can be found in the Art Institute of Chicago. Artist Archibald John Motley Jr. did this painting in 1943. This artwork was done as oil on canvas with the dimensions 91.4 x 121. 3 cm (36 x 47 ¾ …

African American CulturePainting
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The History of African American Culture in the Production of “Revelations” by Alvin Ailey

Revelations choreographed by Alvin Ailey and performed at the American Dance Theater in 1960 is a dance piece that is often considered a masterpiece or classic by many. It tells the story of African American culture and history throughout the United States along with the …

African American CultureCultureDance
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Jawole Willa Jo Zollar: Innovator African American Dancer

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” and that’s exactly what Jawole Zollar did. As an African American dancer, she wanted to create a company where dancers of all colors, shapes, and sizes could explore expression culturally. This …

African American CultureDancer
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The Nashville Annual African Street Festival

The Nashville Annual African Street Festival is an event hosted by the African American Cultural Alliance (AACA) in Hadley Park. This amazing event has grown tremendously over the past thirty years because it interconnects its family-oriented atmosphere with African and African American culture which allows …

African American CultureCultureFestivals
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Fundamentals of African American Dance and Minstrel Performance

African-American dance is a medley of dance typologies used to convey the experience of African Americans. Through dance African Americans were able to proliferate their culture and show realistic portrayal of themselves in opposition to the constant stereotyping. African American dance created a platform for …

African American CultureDance
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1967 Detroit Riots and the Influence of African American Culture on Events

Detroit, a staple name of a powerhouse city in the heart of Michigan that rings a bell to almost every person in the United States. Known for it’s manufacturing businesses and being dubbed, “The motor city”, “D-Town”, “Motown”, and of course, “American’s Comeback City”. The …

African American CultureARTDetroitHip Hop
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Frequently asked questions

What is a African American culture?
African American culture is a set of traditions and values that have been passed down through generations of black Americans. It includes aspects such as music, dance, food, language, and religion. African American culture has also been shaped by the experience of slavery and the Jim Crow laws that followed.
What is an example of African influence on American culture?
One example is the use of the banjo in American music. The banjo is a stringed instrument that originated in Africa and was brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans. Another example is the use of call and response in American music. This is a musical form that is common in African music and was brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans. American food also has African influences. For example, the use of okra, a vegetable native to Africa, in gumbo is an African influence on American cuisine.
What was the African American cultural movement?
The African American cultural movement was a time when African Americans began to assert their own identity and culture. This was done through music, art, and literature. African American artists and writers began to create works that reflected the African American experience. This movement helped to break down the barriers of segregation and racism. It also helped to promote understanding and appreciation of African American culture.

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