Should the Government Regulate the Internet More Strictly

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Tittle: Should the government regulate the Internet more strictly Should the government regulate the Internet more strictly? It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has changed the world. Today, we can get all kinds of information from around the world through the Internet and life in the world easy to communicate with others. Therefore, the Internet seems to be at first glance dream tool. However, the Internet is not always a bright side. It can be harmful, when we use it and little care. Therefore, it should be better for the government to control the Internet.

From my opinion, there are few ways here that government should regulate the internet more strictly. Firstly, the number of crimes on the Internet at breakneck speed is increase in the past few years. For example, we sometimes encounter some fraud when we do some shopping on the Internet. In this case, we are doing procurement and they do not sent to the buyer, although the money has been sent to the seller. This is very difficult to track down criminals, because we have almost no criminals, who they are, what they do, even where they live we also don’t know.

If we use the Internet for online shopping, our credit card number is stolen, then the money in our bank account may be used up. Using the Internet to do our personal information is not safe, especially those important document. In fact, when we surf the Web, reading e-mail, download software, even with our friends, is called a hidden program, Trojan chat, can send to our computer without our knowing. It will steal and transfer all the information that we already save. After that, this person may make use of it to others. Nguyen Long Quoc, 2008) Secondly, the Government should review the information on the Internet that is more stringent. In reality, we can find out a lot of illegal work, such as music, movies, or books on the Internet. Shall be strictly controlled, or who owns the copyright and intellectual property rights because of this serious damage. Between that, pornography is a drawback of the Internet also. This is a very serious problem, especially when it comes to children. There are thousands of pornographic sites on the Internet can easily be found.

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This kind of site is very harmful to the child, and likely to incite them to take action, on the other sex. According to researchers Jennings Bryant about 600 junior high school aged men and women, 31% male and 18% of women admitted to actually do some things that they see pornography. In addition, a recent study shows that, often exposed to pornography may lead to children's participation in disease, addiction and unplanned pregnancy, the adverse effects of the mental life of children. (Nguyen Long Quoc, 2008) Lastly, we must be careful to computer viruses when we on the Internet.

Some people do the purpose of computer viruses; they spread out on the Internet. Once these viruses infect our computers, they destroy some of the information or even the computer itself. These kind of criminals also difficult to find out, so we must rely on government help to prevent these viruses. The virus is just a program; it would disrupt the normal operation of our computer system. Computer connected to the Internet is more vulnerable to virus attacks; they can go to our computer slowing down, destruction of data and our entire hard drive crashes to an end.

Maybe we here at least, no matter how hard we tried to stop them to use some anti-virus program on infected computers from viruses. Therefore, we should clearly know that they cause bad damage, but also inevitable. In conclusion, the Internet can have some bad effects toward us, such as unsafe personal information, the impact of pornography on children's mental life, and virus threats. However, this does not mean that we should not use the Internet. It is difficult to imagine without the internet in our lives. We should only need to be more careful, every time we use the internet.

Nowadays, although internet is good or convenient to us but we still have to beware of it because sometimes it will bring harms to us. There should be more government control of the Internet. Although the Internet has made that we might live a better life, it can be bad for us, unless it is properly controlled. SOURCES Grace Smith. (2007). More government control of the internet? Available: http://sky. geocities. jp/c1304015takeshi/C3_56. htm. Last accessed 17th July 2012. Nguyen Long Quoc. (2008). disadvantages of the Internet. Available:

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