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Last Updated: 17 Apr 2020
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Finding the perfect match online promises to become simpler with the September 21 launching of moreProfiles.com, a website that hopes to become the hub of online dating services. With the help of powerful Web 2.0 software, moreProfiles’ president John Dahl and his associates have created a site that makes it easier for singles to search profiles, upload their own, do side-by-side comparisons—everything necessary find their perfect match.

The website enlarges the selection pool by bringing together such major players in the online dating industry as Yahoo Personals, Match, American Singles, Love Happens, and True. moreProfiles.com gives the public free access to the 30 million profiles held separately by each of these dating websites, but all from one central web location.

The charm and ingenuity of moreProfiles.com is the simplicity that comes with having to do only One Search™ and to submit only One Profile™. Previously, singles interested in online dating have found that choosing a dating website often locks them into the relatively stagnant pool of users that belong to that one site. Simultaneously, it has effectively locked them out of several competing sites, any one of which has the potential to contain the one person that could match them completely.

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moreProfiles’ One Profile™ and One Search™ solutions propose to remove the guesswork from choosing a dating service, as it brings all the top ones directly to the searcher. Just one search command probes the vaults of several of the most prominent dating websites, giving singles free and complete access to the profiles of millions and making it easier for them to find their match. In addition, the submission of just one profile gets singles’ information out to all the top dating websites, making it easier for matches to find them.

Information integration is at the heart of moreProfiles’ mission. The key component of the One Search™ and One Profile™ aspects of moreProfiles is its meta-search capability that reaches across company lines to bring all relevant information to searchers.

It has been Dahl’s concern that singles should not be distracted by decisions about which online dating service to use.  He says, “The question shouldn't be ‘Which dating website is right for me?’ The question should be ‘Which person is right for me?’” He believes that it should be as simple to search online for a dating partner as it is has been to search for any thing else.

In keeping with this, Dahl and his team have used meta-search technology to create a website that integrates all the browsing, searching, and comparison capabilities necessary for making perhaps the most important decision in a person’s life. To moreProfiles and its users, this unique service represents a long-overdue development in online dating services.

The president and staff of moreProfiles.com are confident that the site fills a gaping hole in the world of online dating, and are sure that this will become evident in the coming months through an expected influx of singles to the site. Dahl says, “By offering a way to easily and intuitively browse all the top online dating websites simultaneously, we think a lot more people are going to take advantage of online dating to reach out and find that special someone.”


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