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Should Public High School Students Have Access to The Kite Runner’s Content

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Should Public High School students have access to "The Kite Runner"'s content? Khaled Hosseni’s famous novel, “The Kite Runner” is one of the most popular books of the decade. It is #1 New York Bestseller with sold more than 10 million copies. Even though the book has immense popularity, the book is banned in several countries including Afghanistan, Hosseni’s mother land because of its sexual orientation and the use of vulgar language. The government believes the novel will outrage the Afghan community and may lead to chaotic situation.

Even though some advocates of banning the novel for education curriculum may argue that, the book contains rapes in graphic detail, the use of vulgar language, offensive language and ethnic tensions, these romantic critics are too dogmatic in their provincial ideology. Hosseni’s novel, “The Kite Runner” shouldn’t be banned from high school students because of its teaching about loyalty, forgiveness, sacrifice and also provides an insight of real world alongside its immense popularity.

Khaled Hosseni’s best-seller book, “The Kite Runner” shouldn’t be banned from high school curriculum. The book demonstrates different incidents which provide important lessons for the reader through its quotes. For example, when Amir talked about sin, Baba said, “No matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft” (Hosseni, 17). Baba believed stealing is the only sin a person can commit; other crimes are just different form of crime.

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Should Public High School Students Have Access to The Kite Runner’s Content

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This demonstrates the discouragement of vice, exists in the novel, which has great impact on reader’s mind. Additionally, the book provides a depth insight of the real world. It demonstrates the depravity of the war, the importance of kinship and also encourages people to stand up for the truth and demolish the false. So that’s why the book shouldn’t be banned. On the other hand, the opponents of the idea argue to deny the access of book to public high school students for various reasons. The book contains a sodomy rape scene in graphic detail which is arguably inappropriate for high school students. ”(Green, Tracy. It’s Banned Book of the Week? Why Kite Runner? www. authorexposure. com . Sept 30, 2009. Web. April 13, 2013. http://www. authorexposure. com/2009/09/its-banned-book-week-why-kite-runner. html) As Assef tries to teach Hassan a lesson, “Assef knelt behind Hassan, put his hand on Hassan’s hips and lifted his bare buttocks. He kept one hand on Hassan’s back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand. He unzipped

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