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Essays on Goblin Market

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Biblical Story in Goblin Market

“And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter” (Revelation 10:10). Is it always that we are punished …

Goblin MarketReligion
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Goblin Market/Symbolism

Symbols in this poem vary from the use of fruits, the moon, flowers, sisterhood, money and water. Firstly, even though, the title of the poem: Goblin Market seems self-explanatory, as we can instantly assume that this poem is about a fruit-market which is run by …

Goblin MarketPoetrySymbolism
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Critical Evaluation on Goblin Market

Having a sibling beside you is one of the greatest gifts you could have especially when you were close to each other and loved to be one another despite of all the circumstances and shortcomings. According to many, no one is an island. A man …

Goblin Market
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Goblin Market

chrSomone Jackson Mr. Price English 2223 01 28 October 2012 Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” One of the strongest emotions inherent in humans is desire. Christina Rossetti poem “Goblin Market” is filled with many suggestive pieces referring to different kinds of fruits that play upon the …

Goblin Market
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Goblin Market is a narrative poem by Christina Rossetti. The poem tells the story of Laura and Lizzie who are tempted with fruit by goblin merchants.
Originally published



Christina Rossetti



Tone. The initial scene establishes that the Goblins are evil and should be avoided when Lizzie exclaims "We must not look at goblin men". This sets up a tone of suspense when immediately Laura does not take her own advice and lets her curiousity get the best of her.

Rhyme scheme

The meter and rhyme scheme are irregular in "Goblin Market ." The poem generally follows an ABAB rhyme scheme, but not always. In fact, sometimes there's a long gap between a word and its rhyme, and sometimes there are many lines in a row with the same rhyming syllable at the end (like lines 134-136).

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Frequently asked questions

What is the main idea of Goblin Market?
The main idea of Goblin Market is that love is stronger than death. The story is about two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, who are tempted by the fruit of the goblin market. Laura gives in to temptation and eats the fruit, while Lizzie resists. Laura becomes ill as a result of eating the fruit, and Lizzie care for her sister. In the end, Lizzie sacrifices herself to the goblins in order to save Laura. The story is a symbol of the power of love to overcome death.
What is Goblin Market in the poem Goblin Market?
Goblin Market is a poem about two sisters who are tempted by the goblin fruit. The older sister, Lizzie, resists the temptation, but the younger sister, Laura, gives in and eats the fruit. The poem describes the sisters' different reactions to the fruit, with Laura becoming addicted and Lizzie becoming disgusted. The poem ends with Lizzie rescuing Laura from the goblins and taking her home.
What was Rossetti's main purpose in writing Goblin Market?
It is open to interpretation. However, many scholars believe that Rossetti's primary purpose in writing Goblin Market was to explore themes of temptation, sin, and redemption. In the poem, Rossetti utilises goblins as a metaphor for the temptations and dangers that can lure humans away from the path of righteousness. The poem's protagonist, Laura, is tempted by the goblins' offer of delicious fruit, but ultimately resists their temptation and is saved from a life of sin. This story of temptation and redemption is thought to be Rossetti's way of warning readers about the dangers of succumbing to temptation and straying from the straight and narrow path.
How can Goblin Market be interpreted?
Goblin Market can be interpreted in many ways. Some people see it as a story about two sisters who are tempted by the goblin men and their fruit, but resist and remain true to each other. Others see it as a story about sexual awakening, and the temptation and dangers that come with it. Still others see it as a story about the power of love and sisterhood, and the ability to overcome temptation and evil.

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