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Dawnetta Tipton Infant and Toddler Development 10/18/2012 Fall Semester 6:00pm – 9:05pm Infant Toddler Observations Karen Eaton Dawnetta Tipton OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT Name: Dawnetta Tipton Date: 10/2/2012 Time: 5:00pm Age of child: 9 months old This observation took place in the child’s grandmother home. Her name is Laila and she is a 9 months old and she is a bright little girl with pretty black hair and she had 3 ponytails with hair bows and barrettes.

I was invited over by the child’s grandmother; we have been friends since high school. We were sitting in the Living room of the house, the grandmother and I were sitting on the sofa which was black and gray and Laila was playing on the floor where her grandmother had placed a big blanket which had the cartoon character of the Angry Birds. There were baby toys placed on floor such as a stuffed animal, red and yellow rattle, orange teething room. The blinds were open and the sun shining in bright on the clean white walls.

There was a black computer desk and chair sitting in the corner of the living room with a screensaver showing a picture of my friend and her family. My impression of Laila was that she was a bright 9 month old child who was very alert and aware of her surroundings. She interacted with me and her grandmother, she kept a smile on her face and made noises and she gave us kisses. She is learning to walk so she went from one end of the sofa to the other end while holding on to the cushions on the sofa.

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She is very friendly and did not cry while I was there visiting with her grandmother. This child will not be ignored, if she sees that you are not paying her any attention she will crawl over to you and pull up on your pant leg so that she can get the attention desired. Dawnetta Tipton Child’s Actions: 3:02pm Laila started to cry while sitting on the floor, her grandmother picker her up from the floor and asked her “what’s wrong granny baby? ”, are you hungry and the cry became louder, she fixed her a bottle of milk and she stop crying when given the bottle. :07pm Laila is laying on her grandmother while drinking her bottle of milk, she is gazing up looking at her grandmother while we were having a conversation. 3:12pm Laila gestured for her grandmother to put her down on the floor by stretching her body out and she was placed onto the blanket that had been placed on the floor with the toys on it, she picked up the brown teddy bear and started to play with it. 3:17pm Laila crawls over to me and pulls on my pants until she’s standing up, she put her hands up gesturing for me to pick her up and I picked her up, she began to play with my earrings and laughs out loud. :22pm Laila sat on my lap and played with my silver necklace which had a blue sapphire pendant while I talked with her and she was all smiles. 3:27pm Laila reached out for her grandmother after playing with my necklace became boring to her and her grandmother reached out for her and she was smiling and she gave her a wet kiss right on grandmother’s lips. Dawnetta Tipton 3:32pm Laila laid her head onto her grandmother chest and closed her eyes, about 4 minutes later she was fast asleep. Name: Dawnetta Tipton Date: 10/2/2012 Time: 1pm

Age of Child: 1 year 10months This observation took place in the child’s home. Kylan is a 1 year and 10 month old little boy who is brown skinned with a short cute little afro, he’s wearing a black & gray Nike jogging suit. In the living room his 3 older siblings were present and also his mother. The room was very well kept, there was a red and blue toy box in the corner of the room which contained several different toys kept in it for kylan. There was a brown and tan sofa, loveseat and chair, 40 inch television with a playstation system plugged into it.

In which his siblings were sitting on the floor playing a basketball game. The living room walls were beige with a brown border going around the top of the entire wall with seashells as the print. The carpet was dark brown and fuzzy. My impression of Kylan was that he was very active, he’s always on the move doing something. He went over to his toy box and pulled out a small blue toy police car, he plays with it for about 3 minutes and then goes over to the sibling brothers to try and take the controller away from the brother closest to the television.

Big brother tells him “No” you too little to play the game and he gets mad and tries to scratch brother face with his left hand. He then Dawnetta Tipton proceeds over to his mother raising up both hands for mom to pick him up and she does, he starts trying to talk with mom and he’s smiling and gesturing her hands to his face to play the game Peek-a-Boo. This child receives all the attention he needs from his mother and brothers. Child’s Actions 2pm: Kylan is walking around the living room playing with a little orange basketball, tossing the ball from me to his mom. :04pm: Kylan now tosses the ball at his 6 year old brother who gets mad and tells mom his little brother is bothering him while he’s playing the game, mom tells him to stop, he laughs and runs in the back bedroom. 2:06pm: Kylan is now standing by mom’s bed and tries to hide when I enter the room, he comes out of hiding and runs pass me back into the living room and jumps up in mom lap and start hugging her neck. 2:11pm: Kylan jumped down from mom lap and starts playing with his blue toy police car, starts to make noise as saying “Vroom-Vroom”. :13pm: Kylan sits on his older brother lap so that he can help big brother play the game, he is now laughing and all excited his brother let him help him play the basketball game. Dawnetta Tipton 2:20pm: Kylan gets up from his brother lap and walks into the kitchen and tries to open the refrigerator, his mother comes into the kitchen and ask him “Are you thirsty” and he nods his head yes and she gets his sippy cup out and he proceeds to drink his juice. 2:24pm: Kylan climbs up on the sofa and sits down staring at the picture of Spongebob on his cup, he looks at me and smile.

Mom put in a DVD of Sesame Street and he proceeds to watch the show. 2:30pm: Kylan has now laid down on the sofa still watching his Sesame Street DVD while playing with his feet. My comparison of the 2 children ages 9 months old and 1 year 10 months old was that both were active children. Both had a lot of energy, and kept busy. The 9 month old was just learning how to walk and the 1 year 10 month old had been walking since 11 months old. The 1 year 10 month old is more vocal than the 9 month old, he can say some words and the 9 month old could make noises and sound.

The 1 year 10 month old could show mom that he was thirsty and the 9 month old could only cry to signal to grandmother that she was thirsty. The 1 year 10 month old could climb on the sofa where as the 9 month old could only gesture for someone to pick up and place onto the sofa. I feel these 2 children were pretty much similar to what they could do just that the 1 year 10 month old was little more advanced in completing the things he wanted to do where as the 9 month old needed assistance from someone.

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