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The Kite Runner Summary

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The kite runner An alternate book based in Pakistan in which a family consisting of a rich man and his son move to America during the wartime circa 1970. Characters Amir: the narrator and somewhat main character in the book. Baba: Amir's father and also one of the main characters in the book Hassan: Amir's servant and somewhat best friend Ali: Baba's servant and also somewhat best friend Setting The play has generally two settings. The first being in the first half of the book in the homeland if Ali, Al Wazir and the second being the second half of the book in America.

Identity - relationships life partners /romantic relationships. Amir's relationship with sprays is a significant turning point in the novel. A series of changes are accompanying this romance shared between the two characters. Amir's relocation to San Francisco, with many other Afghan exiles, is the setting for the relationship. Also, the responder gains an insight into Afghan cultural practices, as the courting process is explored. Impact of settings Once Amir and baba move to America, there riles are somewhat reversed.

Baba is forced to work in a petrol station, whereas in Kabul, he was a wealthy, influential industrialist. Baba's struggle is also a change within his character, he is no longer the strong individual that is present in the Part of One novel. Gender Inequality Amir discovers that Soraya has had sexual relationships outside of marriage. Within afghan culture, this is shameful and it would be very difficult for parents to find an appropriate husband for their daughter. Amir's Writing

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The Kite Runner Summary

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Seeing as Amir is a projection of Khaled Hossieni himself, it is worthwhile assessing Amir's progression as an author. The process begins with his earliest stories (that we leave to Hassan and Rahim Kahn) to the point at which Amir is welcomed to american publishing houses. Area of study Remember that you will need to explore the concept of identity in your creative piece. A good idea would be to consider the ways in which people form a sense of identity. Key areas could include: Culture Relationships Physical environment Religion Ethnicity Vocation A passion or interest

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