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Outline of Kite Runner

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Kite Runner The purpose of this research paper : I want to highlight the effect of the readers of the novel about Taliban and to have another thought about Afghanistan . Also to show how Housseini’s succeeded in showing a new trend of New Orientalism to prove to the west how Muslims are not bad after 9/11 or as they described Muslims as terrorists . Introduction : A brief introduction about the novel and the current affairs of the country . Main body : ( will tackle a few main themes + giving evidence from the novel ) * The theme Discrimination: Afghanistan has many ethnic groups, like Hazaras and Pashtuns.

How the main character suffers from this, the most famous incident is the Hazara massacre in 1998. * Oppression as a theme : 1. The oppression of women in society 2. The oppression of children (Hassan , his son , director of the orphanage ) 3. The oppression of the Russian colonizer against Afghanistan and the people. * The theme of Diaspora ; it tackles the life of the main characters when he goes to America and escape from the bad fortune of his country had been to. * The theme of war between Soviet and Afghanistan. A.

How the Afghani people see the war . B. How the Roussi treat them ( the incident of baba with the Russian doctor – the Russian solider and the harassment of the Afghani woman) C. The destruction of the country Conclusion : How khaled housseini presented a new trend of new orientalism as many criticized that he had succeeded in giving a good presentation for his country. References and Sources : The New York Times – articles Wiki pedia pages about Taliban – Afghanistan – The Soviet War The Goodreads website – quotes by Ahmed Rashid

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Outline of Kite Runner

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