The Kite Runner Chapter 21 Summary

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Amir had gone back to Afghanistan. He saw a dead body near the restaurant, that he usually go there with Baba.  People in Pashtunistan Square had cut their leg and sell in the black market because it can feed their kids for a couple of weeks. Amir had visited his house and went to the cemetery, where is his memories with Hassan. He saw every girl wear identical black dresses and white scarves. He had stayed in the Hotel with Farid. Amir and Farid went to the soccer field to watch soccer. During soccer, there was a pair of dusty red pickup truck arrived. Amir saw a woman dressed in Burqa sat in the cab of one truck, a blindfold man in the other. The woman and a man had died because they had thrown a stone to them.  Amir wants to meet with the guy with sunglasses on. The sunglasses guy and nodded to the messenger’s ear that can meet up at three o’clock.

Character  Farid - growing up in Mazar-i-Sharif, in Jalalabad. His father joined the jihad and fought the Shorawi in Panjsher Valley and ate locust to survive. Amir- born in Kabul, in Afghanistan, ran to America with his father during the war when Russia came in and growing up in America. Theme Courage and Prejudice I learn about this theme are people don’t give a fair to each other. Amir not scared to come to Afghanistan. Quote  (Page 242) “How much more do you need to see? Let me save you the trouble: Nothing that you remember has survived. Best to forget” Mean even Amir try took around his house to remember his past, but it won’t the same anymore because everything is gone and can’t come back. (Page243) “Amir and Hassan. The Sultans of Kabul. ” Mean Amir and Hassan are the rulers of Kabul. page 245)

“No…. What I mean to ask is why that boy? You come all the way from America for …a Shi’a? Mean Why Amir come here for Hazara boy, because in Afghanistan is no a safe to place for him. He could end up his life here too.  (page 242) “I don’t want to forget anymore. ” Mean Amir don’t want to forget his past, that his childhood in the house with Hassan and every in the house because he tries to forget it already. (page 246)“He gets caught, they’ll give him a flogging that will waken his father in the grave,” Mean if they caught, they’ll give him infection of punishment Amir doesn’t want to forget his past what he has done, he has to make it up what his wrong to make it better and his future.

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