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Services marketing are marketing which is based on the relationship of product and value. They are use to market products so that customers may be attracted to purchase such a product. Marketing of service based businesses are different from marketing of products of a company. The major difference lies in the fact that, marketing of services do not require going through certain processes in marketing as of products. This is because, services are intangible, and hence the use of the five senses is impartially involved during the time of making choice by a consumer.

Consumers cannot touch services and in general there are difficulties to comparing their qualities. On the other hand, consumers of goods have the privilege of comparing substitute goods and similar goods in the market places. Due to stiff competition which is exist in home and global business environment, marketing of goods becomes a necessity to every business organization which is focussed in achieving its mission, vision and goals. As many wise businessmen views, business without market competitiveness is a like a dead rock.

Therefore, marketing is aimed at creating a continuous flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumers. Marketing of a product involves many activities which are aimed at creating positions in the market place. The ways of creating this include promotions, price reduction as well as branding. (Peter, 1988) Branding services are aimed at strengthening the product values. This is achieved by providing the relevant information for the consumers on the labels of the products.

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This may be in form of textual information about a specific product. It is also achieved by inclusions of some graphics and picture which are appealing and attractive to consumers. Usage of all these may create an impression which the consumer find attractive, thus making centre of appeal to purchase the particular products. So branding is some thing more than just ensuring that consumers have acknowledged a logo or a name of a product. It is aimed at creating an emotional collaboration and linkages of the body and the products.

If the final art of branding achieves its intended goal, there is an arousal of the feeling of success and happiness or relief to the designer. While on the other hand, the consumer feels he has achieved his goal of purchasing the quality products. Archway market services is one the oldest leading companies that provides marketing services. It does offer a variety of such services to a wider number of customers situated at different parts of the world. They do provide services branding services.

Due to the high level of investment necessary to maintain production capabilities and rising cost of brand for products and for product differentiation, the firm saw the need to establish cheap services to other companies. This has made the company to venture into the branding activities which are making marketing capabilities strong and unique in brand prerequisites. They are many ways in branding that are aimed in the reduction of the costs of the brand products. This involves the use of co- brand which is the use of two or mores brand name in support of a new product.

The archway marketing services has employed this to most of its customers’ brands. This allows to reduction of the cost of the final products and relief the company from carrying out advertising activities which automatically are additional costs to the company. Corporate brand is one of the increasing phenomenons all the world. This is due to the increasing awareness of the enhanced values of corporate branding. Cooperate branding is providing the companies with branding strategies that are quite welcoming for it is creating a unique identities to the products.

In addition, this kind of branding is being employed to bring a new sense and create a new position for the products of one company. They are therefore employing the same methodology and toolbox. Hence, this is distinguishing the offering from one competitor to another. This is helping such company with the having corporate benefits from a strong and well managed branding strategy. This is because the corporate branding only requires a high level of personal attention and commitment. Corporate branding also adding significant values in terms of helping the entire company and those in the management level to implement long term visions.

This achieves a unique position in the market places of the company and its brands. This in addition unlocks the leadership potential within one organization. Corporate brand strategy enables the company to leverage its products. This leads to branding excellence through the cooperation. The benefits that are retrieved due to corporate branding strategy are numerous. First and foremost, brands act more or less as the face of a business strategy. It portrays what the cooperate aims at and it also defines what it wants to be known of it in the market place.

Moreover, corporate brand is an umbrella for the company’s activities and encompasses its main ideas such vision, values and positioning and image among other dimensions. Corporate brands are obliviously cost efficiencies in terms of reducing marketing and advertising. The costs of corporate brands replace the budgets of individual products in the marketing process. Finally, corporate brands forms very strong drivers of financial values, hence cooperate brands becomes very valuable assets on their own to a company


Peter, S. (1988) "Servicitization of business: Adding value by adding services.

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