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The world, which we live in, is often called the ‘knowledge economy’. In such a society where knowledge is becoming the source of competitive advantage, no one can deny the importance of preserving organizational knowledge, being its strategic asset. Therefore, in order to make any of the long term strategy of any organization successful, it is important to make the HR strategy align to it, so the ‘people factor’ becomes the competitive edge of the organization. This paper is therefore intended to discuss one of such initiatives that is the aspect of training and development for the salespersons at Emaar.

Emaar is one of the largest real estate companies in the world. The company, since its inception in 1997, is in the process of developing real estates in Emirates. Their projects are not only homes; rather Emaar has been developing communities that encompass whole range of the needs of its customers since a decade. This has made Emaar a pioneer in developing the innovative community-living concepts. Emaar envisages to be transformed into world’s most valuable lifestyle developer, a concept far beyond real estate, by the year 2010.

In order to make this vision true, the strategy of Emaar is to go global and provide customized solutions to its various segments by utilizing its core competencies and replicating its successful models in Dubai particularly and Emirates generally to other parts of the world. In order to achieve these goals and make these strategies successful, no one can deny the role of sales force. After all, these are the people who make deals with clients. Over the period, the top management at Emaar has realized that so far the sales force is not adopting modern means of technologies to enhance their productivity.

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Moreover, the sales force needs to be more proactive, intelligence, capable of making wise decisions for matters empowered to them, and being versatile. Only then, Emaar can think of its global success and providing customized solutions. Keeping these considerations in view, Emaar has developed a comprehensive training program for its sales force. The sales force training program of Emaar is based upon several modules. Most important of them is that of personal selling. Besides, modules like communications skills and decision making skills with special emphasis on developing customized solutions and payment plans is also included.

One full day session is allocated for the ‘demo sales call’. The sales force will also be oriented with various scenario analysis tools. This entire training spreads over 40 hours and is given at corporate head office. All in all, this training would enhance the skills of the sales force of Emaar, which would help in achieving its vision 2010.


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