Equality And Diversity Of Work Force In Military

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The public services have multiple ways of showing how they go about promoting a diverse work force within the military, health service and police force. The first that would like to pin point is that they have a way of approaching the black minority's ethnic alongside the LIGHT communities, religion or beliefs and gender.

As they try to incorporate more people into the military by means of newspapers, social media for example advertisements with different cultures interlinked talking about their experiences and hosting open days or setting up conferences that can be searched via the web making it more aware for the average person to see hat it would be like if they joined the army and in regards to the support that is being offered if they require it.

For the equality and diversity they have training to improve on the understanding Of other cultures, religious beliefs and being able to respects those around them, there are also legislations put in place which are connected to the many acts they now follow (Equality Act 201 0, Civil Partnership Act 2004, Employment Equality Regulations Act, and Sexual Orientation Regulations Act 2003). Under representation of the BMW does happen and that is why they have the DART translated into Diverse

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Army Recruitment Team, they consist of members from various backgrounds/ genders to show that we do want to improve on the diversity within our ranks, as it is fundamental to society that we start to accept more people from other cultures and religions into our communities, that is why we have them going around making people aware of the support that is given to those that wish to join, where they can go for help if someone is discrimination against them be it direct or indirect, harassment from someone or visitation of that person.

So once we have them recruited and ready to go hats to keep them on board, all of the ways that the military provide for their soldiers and ensure that their family is well look after if something does happen and that all of the benefits apply to everyone regardless of background or gender. UP Being able to provide equality within the ranks of all public services can be quite a challenge, the best way to enable them in regards to equality is by following the rules and regulations set by the government and by doing so they can see what impact this regulation would have upon the forces themselves.

Not all opportunities will be equal which is sad but true, as some bobs within say the armed forces cannot be occupied by a woman on various grounds that are still under discussion. As such they have ways to entice and enforce the will to stay within the public services by providing annual training that is directed at equality and diversity which can be educational along with the fitness test, associations within the public services there to help and guide them in times Of need for example the Army Families Federation can give you advice and not identify you in regards to the issue.

Regardless of the above they do have schemes in place to make life easier for all that wish or join or eave a family member that is currently serving in the military and ensuring that they are protected from certain discriminatory acts or harassment crimes. This also applies to the police force in terms of equality as they would assess how they would improve on the current affairs; there are many specific duties that are being carried out for example enabling equal opportunities for men and women when applying for a job within that station that can be a promotion.

As stated above they do have duties but there are two types of duties that are created in order to ensure that all discrimination, reassessment, bullying etc is seen to accordingly or that there is some form of problem in regards to how we treat our personnel and their families.

The first one is the General Duties now these are the ones that mostly come under the laws and regulations to see that they are not broken and carried out promptly, the second is the Specific Duties those are designated towards a direct objective or goal that has been put across the board on current procedures and policies, if they can change them to suit the needs of others and would it be appropriate or fair to do so depending on the rule.

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