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Now the world has changed in terms of media proliferation and, ultimately, choice. The consumer's in charge now. " So what exactly are Lovers? According to the website a Alveolar is a brand that is infused with three ingredients: Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy. So far, so intangible (and quite confusing). But once Anastasia explains the concept it becomes almost childishly simple. "Lovers isn't some theoretical science that dazzles with the complexities - it's based on a very simple premise: We are emotional beings. There's a quote by (neurologist Donald]

Canine that we sometimes refer to: "The essential deference between emotion and reason Is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions. "" The consumer purchasing the product Is, of course, the action that every manufacturer or service provider wants. So the fundamental questions remain: What is the best way to achieve this? And who are the best examples? "Globally there are lots! Harley- Davidson, Apple, Struck, Coke are just a few. People change their lifestyles for Harley, they become weekend warriors - it takes them away from themselves.

And actually Harley isn't faster or technologically better than the other guys but it taps into deep emotional territory and that's what Lovers are about. They don't talk about 'we're faster' or 'our detergents wash brighter' and all those traditional ways of marketing, it's on a much more round Twelve years ago Stating & Stating global chief executive Kevin Roberts drew back the curtain on the latest phase toward successful consumer marketing, opening the world's eyes to a very contemporary phenomenon. He called -?Lovers: The "Lovers isn't some theoretical science that dazzles with the came. Sixties - it s based on Avery simple premise: We are emotional beings. " personal level. It's an understanding of what's important to people and what they care about. " "Look at Apple; whether it's piccolos or imams they tap into something that's much more sensual, it's a desire you want to have an Imax - as a creative person it's the currency, if you don't have one there's something wrong. Take 'Pods, people can argue until they're blue in the face that a competitor is faster, better, cheaper, lasts longer, has more memory - I know all that but it doesn't matter, I still onto give up my pod. "Struck is into sensuality and intimacy. They've marketed themselves as 'The Third Place'; there's Home, there's Work and there's Struck, Now, other people might say 'but look, we have better coffee', but that's not really the point. People don't Just go there for the -? coffee, people go there' _", for the an ideal example of how tapping into consumers emotionally is paying off. The mark is the market leader by sales and is enjoying double-digit growth year-on-year.

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Rather than focusing the campaign on the 'dry' aspect of the nappy the team shifted attention to how it helps babies to develop, "It's about understanding what's important to the people who are buying Pampers. Kids' brains process the day in thriftless, SO a good night is hugely important to a baby's development, So the nappies have been improved for comfort and dryness to allow the baby to get the best night's sleep: When you explain development to a mother and you talk about how important a good night's sleep is for their child, 49 then they get it.

When they understand that, there's way Tanat tannery to going to do what's best for their kid. " Such seemingly small step represents a fundamental shift in the way products are presented to the public. It is no longer a matter of what is being offered, but rather how it will directly affect the purchaser's lifestyle. It is a concept that is catching on in boardrooms worldwide, according to Anastasia sees are among the first to see the benefits - it is only in the company marketing departments that it meets resistance: "Lovers is to the consumer the notion of loyalty beyond reason.

If you have that you resented with the sheer amount of choice on offer, whether on satellite television, terrestrial radio or the internet. "It's easier to market to people than to connect with people," he explains, "but in the attraction economy you have to inspire, motivate, connect with - and these are words that you don't normally use as marketers. You need a big idea that people can engage with and they come from deep insights. " Getting to this stage does require some groundwork, Anastasia admits that before brands can become Lovers they have to already benefit from consumers' respect.

Some companies can build that up quickly but it normally does take time. "Take Coke for example, that's a Lovers. If you take a generic brand off the shelves people will Just switch to another, but if you take a Alveolar off the shelves they'll revolt! They'll say -?you can't do that, that's MY brand". When Coke changed their recipe there's was an uproar, they were forced to change it back because the public wouldn't accept their 'messing about' with 'their' brand. " Regionally Middle Eastern companies have benefited greatly from the dynamism of global companies arriving on the scene.

Homegrown brands such as Emirates and can charge premium prices; pods are a premium, Harley charge a premium. So there's a business case for it; people are prepared to pay if they can make a connection to ten product. Ana tannery nappy to Decease teen see Tanat there's value to it, they'd be worried if it was cheaper. There are whole studies that show that Alveolar brands offer greater returns. " So why aren't all companies' marketing strategies being transferred by this revolution? Well, in order to gauge exactly how different products are received, research methods have to undergo a horrors change.

As Anastasia puts it you have to -?go from the zoo to the Jungle. " Rather than convening focus groups into sterile boardrooms to canvas opinions, researchers have to venture into people's homes and work-places. Reliance on the traditional 'media schedule target group' philosophy fades almost into insignificance when So why aren't all companies' marketing strategies being transformed? Well, in order to gauge exactly how different products are received, research methods have to undergo a thorough change. As Anastasia puts it you have to "go from the zoo to he Jungle.

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