Success is ninety-nine percent failure. – Soichiro Honda

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Firstly, there are many standards in defining “success”. According to the Dictionary. com, success is the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. It means that each person has his or her level of success, which means some people would think they are success when they earn a large amount of money; some would prefer a high social status; some would consider as having a happy family or achieved their personal goal. “Failure”, on the other hand, it is a feeling that people are disappointed when their goal or achievement cannot be reached.

To be able to reach achievements, failure could be use as a stepping-stone toward success. In other words, “Failure is the mother of innovation. ” The underlying implication shows that each failure is a step along the road to success. People should experience what they have learnt from failure; once they failed they could use the failure as a lesson and learn from what they have failed, use it to gain experience and move toward success.

For instance, every person cannot run before they learn how to walk, and they must have the feeling of pain for improvement, and they also need to learn how to stand up wherever they fell. Thomas Edison said,” Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ” He had tried more than 1000 experiments before he came up with a successful invention. His deafness did not disturb him from investing, and he did not give up and even thought the deafness could help him more concentrate.

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His example is one of the best to represent that one should never give up before success. If this quote put into marketing, one marketing strategy will not bring us to be success and never be the best way to run a business. As the market keeps changing internationally from time to time, companies should not give up to innovate new strategies to fulfill customers’ needs or improve their products regarding the market changes. When the companies suffered from economic downturn, some of them will choose to close down; however, some of hem will try to develop new market strategies to stay in the market if they can think from other aspects. Conclusion In conclusion, “Success is ninety-nine percent failure” is extremely related to human beings, it is because everyone may not be successful if they do not failed in their life. Everyone has different meaning of success, but people should not give up when they failed, they should to have solution to overcome problems.

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